In September Nissan Sold 1,175 LEAFs in Europe; Tesla Model S Sales Nearly Matched That

OCT 15 2013 BY MARK KANE 8

- In Europe EVs already has almost 2% of Nissan brand

– In Europe Nissan’s EV already accounts for almost 2% of Nissan’s total sales

Nissan announced that last month sales of LEAF in all of Europe amounted to 1,175 units.

“Another revamped model in the Nissan line-up, the all-electric Nissan LEAF recorded 1,175 units sold in September. These European sales contributed to the global milestone hit this month with over 83,000 units sold since the launch.”

For sure this is not a breakout level of sales (not even a record), but when we compare this number to European sales of 66,303 Nissan vehicles in September, we see a 1.77% share for the electric. This mean that for the Nissan brand alone, sales of EVs are closing in on the automaker’s 10% market share goal by 2020 with approximately 7 years to go.

The previous high water market share was set last March when 1,305 LEAFs were sold from 80,689 total Nissan vehicles.  That’s around 1.62% market share so hopefully this will grow.

There’s one more point of view to examine…Tesla’s point of view.

Tesla Motors delivered in September approximately 1,000 Model S sedans in Europe (616 in Norway alone, 170 in the Netherlands plus hundreds more in several other countries).  The juxtaposition of 1,000 Teslas against 1,175 LEAFs doesn’t look as good for Nissan as it does for Tesla.

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The difference is that lots of people have been on a waiting list for the Tesla. The Leaf has been available for a while.

True – but I think that if Nissan could improve the range of the LEAF by 30-40% to get the real-world range over 100 miles/charge, they would move a LOT more volume even if it cost more.

Nissan already announced a next step in Leaf range will be 120 miles with a battery tech change coming soon.

Where did they announce ? Link pls …

Growing Leaf sales proves again Tesla is no competition for Nissan.

Idiotic statement of the day prize goes to you

Actually it makes a lot of sense, but is badly phrased.

Growing Leaf sales proves again Tesla and Nissan are not in competition. They are serving different parts of the market.

@Brian, Agree 100%, LEAF and Model S serve completely different segments.

Tesla’s Septembre sales may be due to filling pent up demand but there are several countries where sales are just getting started in Oct (I believe there was a delay for EU countries). I expect Oct-Dec to be strong months for Tesla in Europe. I noticed that Germany and Netherlands are just starting to get deliveries and early reports from German buyers are very positive, I would expect that enthusiasm to further fuel Model S orders.

The real question is what happens 6 months out. Model S sales continue to be strong in the US a year after first deliveries. I think it’s reasonable to expect European sales to be similar.