In October, Nissan LEAF is Norway’s Best Selling Passenger Vehicle; Tesla Model S Slips Way Down

NOV 2 2013 BY MARK KANE 10

Nissan Leaf after April sales record jump

Nissan LEAF in Norway sets another record

It seems that the Nissan LEAF took revenge on the Tesla Model S’s September win in Norway by taking the #1 spot in October.

Nissan set a whole bunch of records by delivering 716 LEAFs, which is the LEAF’s highest sales results to date in Norway and the highest ever market share at 5.6%.

Nissan LEAF crushed September’s Tesla record of 616 electric deliveries.

Trailing behind the LEAF in October was the Toyota Auris in second place with 679 sales and in third was the Volkswagen Golf with 646.

Moreover, the LEAF grabbed two-thirds of the 1,075 Nissan passenger cars sold in Norway.  The LEAF’s YTD tally in Norway now stands at 3,755.

On the other hand, we have the Model S that fell to 98 copies sold in October and 0.8% market share, far behind the LEAF and for sure outside of the Top 20.

These two EVs accounts for 814 of the 925 new passenger EV registrations. Last month, EV sales in Norway doubled from 3.4% to 7.2% market share. YTD numbers are now 5,175 vs. 3,404 last year.

310 additional electric cars were imported as used, so we see a total of 1,235 passenger EVs last month.

Hopefully, Tesla will send another ship loaded with Model S sedans to Norway soon so that the country can break 10% EV market share mark next month.

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10 Comments on "In October, Nissan LEAF is Norway’s Best Selling Passenger Vehicle; Tesla Model S Slips Way Down"

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That’s a great number for Nissan. Looks like all the media attention about the Model S in Norway has made many new customers to become interested in EVs.

* Nissan sold twice as many EVs than ICEs in this country last month.
* Leaf sales beat every other car, even the usually very popular Golf.

That’s not great, that’s TOTALLY AWESOME!

I don’t think that the Model S has much if anything to do with it, Norwegians were already crowned EV champions years before. Heck, this topic has its own Wikipedia page…

I wonder what year it will be when there are 51% plug-ins on Norway’s roads vs 49% non-plug-ins.

Even in EV-happy Norway, that’ll take a couple decades at least. Old cars last a long time.

So 2024 it is 🙂

I’m guessing they will be quite a bit ahead of the curve.

Norway is obviously itching to go EV so as soon as the nitwit automakers make some fairly priced EVs then Norway will quickly go to 50%.

And here in the USA. If Leafs were $12,500 they would still sell less than 5000 per month. I think it will be around the year 2135 before 50% of new cars sold in the USA are electric.


Since March 2013 the main constraint on Leaf sales was how many Leafs Nissan can make in Tennessee. Inventories averaged 1 month or less across the nation. Right now, if they could make 5000/month, they could sell them too.

That’s at a price tag of about $30k on average, less $7.5 Federal subsidies.

I hope for you, that someone else is doing the math driving economic decisions in your household.

It is a good thing that leaf are selling well in norway. For tesla it depends on when the shipping is, in september it was a big delivery. I think we can expect months in the future when tesla is on top again. I know that in august it was much more then 2000 teslas ordered to norway.

So is month’s sales report an indication of Tesla burning through the market segment in Norway willing to buy an expensive EV?