In March, Nissan Sold Whopping 6,503 LEAFs In Europe

APR 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Nissan LEAF sales surely aren’t slowing down.

The automaker sold an unprecedented number of LEAFs in Europe – more than 6,500 in March.

2018 Nissan LEAF

If you recall that we reported a LEAF sales milestone in February – record of 3,766 sold – just imagine how this 6,503 in March compares then. That’s nearly two times the previous record-setting amount.

Sales announced by Nissan precede registration numbers, so we will not necessarily see 6,500 registrations in March. Case in point, in February there was not 3,766 registrations (EV Sales Blog reported 1,540).

In March, LEAF registrations in Norway amounted to  2,172.

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It seems that globally Nissan already produces and sells more than 10,000 LEAFs a month. And that is without the much-anticipated 60-kWh version being available.

Prices of the Nissan LEAF recently went up in Europe by a few percent.

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Q1 2018 Global Nissan Leaf sales:

almost 22,000?


For comparison, the Nissan Qashqai, which is probably the closest ICE-cousin to the Leaf usually sells about 20k per month in Europe.

The Qashqai is not the closest ICE cousin and it is also their top seller by a big margin.

Nissan sells around 40k on most months in Europe. If we compare 6,5k to that….

The salesman that I talked to said that the LEAF is replacing the Pulsar, at least here in Sweden. I guess that is a nearer cousin. I don’t have any sales data for that model though.

If you order one now, delivery is expected in november according to the same salesman.

3766 reported “sales” in February turned out to actually be 1540 deliveries. So actual March deliveries are more likely to be 2660. Decent result but they still have a long way to go.

There is a waiting line for this model in Norway. All the Nissan dealers looks like a mono model dealer with LEAF models all over.

6,500 in Europe but only 1,500 in US? Production in Smyrna started two weeks before Europe. Any word on what the production problems are in Smyrna or when they will be resolved?

What leads you to believe there are production problems in the U.S.? I have not heard of people in the U.S. not being able to buy a Leaf if they want one. I just think it’s the fact that 150 mile range of the Leaf is a better fit for European driving patterns.

In March, the Leaf has already 4k units registered in Europe, 9k units registered globally.

And registrations are still coming in…

Whooping? You’ve been taking English lessons from Mr. Nyland again, haven’t you?

Maybe it’s just a typo in which “whopping” was intended.

Yes, of course it was a typo. I just think it boring to say “I see a typo”, though. I should also state that I mean no disrespect to Mr. Nyland, who is doing us a great service by putting up English videos when that is not his native tongue.

I do hold the writers of articles here to a higher standard. Not only are they presumably professionals, but they also have the ability to fix errors. Which they have, in fact, done. Kudos, InsideEVs!

Only one past 6502. That’s great.

Inventory levels in the US are not rising much and probably can’t support more than 1,500 sales per month. Unless inventory dramatically increases don’t expect any huge sales increases. Just like what GM did with the Bolt EV, either Nissan is having trouble increasing production at the Tennessee plant or Nissan is artificially restricting production.

3000 in Japan and 1500 in USA

To be fair the Japanese manufacturers probably sell a lot more vehicles in their home market.

Its a lot of car for the money. Cars have come a long way lately. And Electric is the way to go for a host of reasons.

Great news.

Too bad they use the same cell chemistry. The 60kwh pack with LG cells will be worth it.