In Japan, Nissan Offers 9 Color + Aero Trim With Better Performance for 2016 LEAF

NOV 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 26

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF In Red

2016 Nissan LEAF aero

2016 Nissan LEAF aero

Nissan Japan announced 9 color options for the 2016 LEAF and one special Aero trim, which is different both inside and out.

The VCM (Vehicle Control Module) in Aero improves acceleration by a bit too. We are not sure how much performance is boosted by, but it seems that the peak power of the same electric motor is slightly higher and falls more slowly. The standard LEAF controller probably has some room for improvement.

In truth, these upgrades remind us a little of the previous Japan-only NISMO LEAF package.

Base colors are red, white, black, grey, silver, orange and blue (Sonic Blue).

The last two are available in two-tone versions with a Super Black roof.

Nissan VCM - NISMO Spec

Nissan VCM – (NISMO Spec)

The other difference from non-Japanese LEAFs are the emergency brake system, which has ability to detect both cars and pedestrians (up to certain speeds) and lane departure warning.

JC08 range rating for the 30 kWh LEAF is 280 km (174 miles), nearly 62% more than the real world/EPA rating ofย 107 miles in the US.

2016 Nissan LEAF aero and LEAF comparison

2016 Nissan LEAF aero and LEAF acceleration comparison

2016 Nissan LEAF aero

2016 Nissan LEAF aero

2016 Nissan LEAF Aero

2016 Nissan LEAF Aero

2016 Nissan LEAF in Japan

2016 Nissan LEAF in Japan

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF









2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF










2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF










2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF










2016 Nissan LEAF - emergency brake

2016 Nissan LEAF – emergency brake

2016 Nissan LEAF - emergency brake

2016 Nissan LEAF – emergency brake

2016 Nissan LEAF - LDW (lane departure warning)

2016 Nissan LEAF – LDW (lane departure warning)

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26 Comments on "In Japan, Nissan Offers 9 Color + Aero Trim With Better Performance for 2016 LEAF"

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The upgraded Aero and VCM were available on the 2013 as well.

I’d love to hear why they won’t bring this over to the US (despite understanding Japan’s auto culture really likes flashy vehicles), now that they know this software/hardware is reliable.

The paint options I can understand, as that all depends on the paintshop abilities where the LEAF is made.

But at least we got Nissan Connect EV ๐Ÿ™

My guess is that the US climate is much tougher on battery packs and they’re extra conservative not to add to that stress. Nissan was bite by this with the 2011/12 LEAF battery pack, which they tested heavily in Japan, but had high failure rates in the US, because of extra heat.

Not all of the US is the South West. They are just the most vocal.

I really don’t think that’s a good enough reason for Nissan not to import a performance boost option to the US. Are you (don) saying that there is no such market in the US? It may not be as common as in Japan, but there are lots of performance tuners here. I would love to be able to buy a VCM upgrade for my Leaf!

Nissan can’t sell this in the US and restrict it non-hot climate areas. The risk/reward is not there for them. I am surprised no one has figured out the ECU code or created a man-in-the-middle device like this to offer a 3rd party product.

I believe that there are no real aftermarket options for the Leaf because most aftermarket tinkerers are used to ICEVs. They don’t know what to do with a BEV. And the BEV enthusiasts are – at this point – largely the environmentally concious and/or budget savvy (i.e. understand TCO) type. And they are not going to tinker with their cars to increase performance.

This is an area I could see myself getting into in a few years when I get a 2nd gen 200-mile BEV. At that point, my 2012 Leaf will be worth next to nothing on the market, so I might as well keep it and play around with it. Others may look to pick up an older Leaf on the cheap and do the same. So I would expect to see aftermarket options showing up within 3-5 years.

“I believe that there are no real aftermarket options for the Leaf because most aftermarket tinkerers are used to ICEVs”

I think aftermarket options are in a tailspin already. Cars are becoming more and more digital and tamperproof.

I think it is sad, because tamperproof cars kills innovation. If I had to find a bright side to this, it is that OEM cars are already optimized, and it is hard to improve on them.

Why are they still resisting going to an actively managed cooling system? Expense I suppose, but the lack of such a system seems to be a big oversight. Its the main reason I would not buy one.

Not the small overlap safety rating? That is why we will not consider even the 30kW model. Otherwise it seems like a solid car.

Why? Are you dead set looking to test this feature on one that has a good rating?

Another option you have is to drive defensively, you know. The small overlap test covers ONE specific scenario, so unless you have your rulers, GPS and whatnot, chances are, in the case of a crash, yours will most likely different than what’s being tested.

I’m all for safety, but I value safe driving even more.

The Aero Package, if it truly offers an aerodynamic benefit should DEFINITELY be Offered.

Along with the emergency braking option. For God’s Sake, who is making these BAD US Decisions???

And third, the better engine/power management. Wouldn’t really draw that much power in normal use because most people won’t use it.

Nice, i will emigrate to Japan ๐Ÿ™‚ .

For an ugly leaf with front and rear valence? lol

America has the sexy Tesla…. but you do that lol

You ever drive a Leaf and a Tesla ? Sure Tesla looks good, but i love my Leaf. I drive a Tesla over 1000 miles, but i would not change! First, i like more small cars, Leaf is already little to big. Second, the rent Tesla had many quality issues, losing chrome trim, strange engine noise at 15-20 miles, strange noises above 100 miles. And last, i can afford a Leaf, and the technology will go on. Some years 200 miles Leafs, 500 miles Tesla. Depreciation will be big, investing not to much will be better.

New colors are nice, but if they really want to move some extra units, they need to make the power up/down sounds configurable. Let people load an mp3 or wav file of no more than 5 seconds, and they’ll love it.

Personally, I would go with the “starship hitting warp speed sound” from Star Trek, at least for the first month or two.

And I would choose to shut it down, because it doesn’t help avoiding anything else than driver’s false belief.
But a performance/aero pack would be nice.

+1 I’ve been wanting to replace the cars beeps with those from Star Trek too

Yes, it’s a pity that they limit such advancements to Japan. If they would only give a reason for that proceeding.

Huge blunder not to offer the active safety features in the us.
These are the #1 looked for features by new car shoppers
Blind spot monitors
Lane keep assist
Front collision mitigation

Fair enough but Nissan should consider the results of the small overlap crash test first IMO.

The Auto Braking would Be A Good Idea/option for The USA Market ., That way all Those Idiots That Use their Cars as a Weapon to kill people …Simply Can’t ..IE:..Like that Last Jack Ass That Ran their Car Into a Crowd of Innocent Bystanders & Did all That Damage……..

Safety features are absolutely worthless and useless and nothing but an annoyance.

You are a human being, you are the safety feature thats free in every car you drive.

Your eyes, your perception, your awareness, is what will keep you safe when driving.

Not some stupid beeps, alerts or signals.

Nissan. I know you read this blog.

Put the upgraded VCM in North American cars, if you know what’s good for you…

And all 3 trim level can be ordered with 24 kWh or 30 kWh battery.

30kWh battery is 6kWh larger which should add easily another 30kW to the electric motor in terms of power.

That would signficantly boost the LEAF performance from sucky to acceptable.

30kWh is 25% more than 24. The same 25% increase in power is only 20kW. But even that would make for a noticeable improvement. I hope Nissan ups the performance for the Gen II as much as you do.

Options, dammit – if a customer is willing to wait to get this and this, why, oh why are all the manufacturers so dead set against it?

I know -the dollars thing-, but how did the US mfg’s make any money when They were still doing it? four colors, 2-3 Standard trim levels.. get out the checkbook for TiresPlus, you can’t even offer more than two wheel styles? .

Importers All, it made sense when you hadda ship the cars across the ocean, but many are built locally now – reconsider.
US all, it was a mistake, give back the options sheet, those halcyon days when chebby-heads would refer to those buried-code options that no one else understood, and Colors! oh my gawd, the Colors!