In Japan, Mitsubishi Sold Twice As Many Outlander PHEVs Than i-MiEVs


Outlander PHEV fast charging

Outlander PHEV fast charging

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is an interesting SUV that entered the Japanese market in January this year. Thanks to its 12 kWh battery pack, it cango over 20 miles in all-electric mode in the real-world (32 miles according to Mitsubishi). This is the first PHEV with quick charging capability via CHAdeMO – not so important when we have ICE-backup, but perhaps it’s useful.

Outlander PHEV sales quickly reached a level of 2,000 units a month in Japan, but then battery problems hit Lithium Energy Japan and GS Yuasa, so sales were suspended for about four months.



Despite this break, Mitsubishi sold after 10-months almost 6,500 Outlander PHEVs in Japan. This is roughly twice the amount of pure electrics (i-MiEV and both commercial and truck versions of Minicab-MiEV) sold by Mitsubishi in Japan this year.

YTD numbers in Japan for Outlander PHEV are 6,415. MiEV-family stands at 3,237.  Last year, i-MiEV family was at 4,202 after 10-months and 4,782 after full year.

Of course anything can now happen going into 2014, as a price drop of up to $9,000 in Japan on the i-MiEV has just occured.  (Sidenote: US pricing has also been slashed by $6,135)

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This are the numbers before the cheaper iMiev, so let’s see how it’s doing next year.

wow that’s pretty impressive on the original purchase numbers bingo 2000/month same as the Volt.
Hopefully they can bounce back. The trans in this unit is pretty unique if I remember correctly.

A plug-in SUV can’t get to the states fast enough….


With the DCFC, a larger battery pack really makes more sense, at least the 16kwh like the iMiEV, but preferably 24kwh. Nonetheless, I’m on the list at my local Mitsubishi dealer to be called the minute they’re available. On the other hand, if Mitsubishi is really going to produce the new concept car they just introduced for 2015 or 2016, the plug in Outlander may be nearly obsolete shortly after it is released in the US.