In 7 Months Of 2018, Nissan LEAF Sales Nearly Exceeded All Of 2017 In Japan

AUG 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

In Japan, that is.

More than 2,000 Nissan LEAFs were sold In Japan last month, as the second-generation attracted 75% more customers than a year ago.

With 2,040 sales in July, Nissan already sold almost as many LEAFs in the first seven months (16,626) of this year as in the entire year of 2017 (16,925). The year-to-date result is twice as high as one year ago at this same time.

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan – July 2018

The total number of LEAFs sold in Japan is now 106,045. Because Nissan’s flagship EV is booming in Japan and struggling in the U.S., the difference between the two is starting to shrink.

The biggest gain comes in Europe, which reached 100,000 in June and notes sales higher than those in Japan.

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan & U.S. – July 2018

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So in July 4024 in Europe and 7631 worldwide.
41775 in first half of 2018.
Total sales in 2017 – 45000

Yup. Should easily reach 400,000 Leafs globally by December. Amazing numbers for an EV without a liquid-cooled battery. I suspect sales of the 2019 Leaf e+ (60kwh liquid-cooled LG battery) will be even more impressive… UNTIL Tesla Model 3 standard range model is available worldwide, that is.

With the 60kWh battery I’m not sure Tesla will be seen as particularly better, especially if the Leaf beats the Tesla on standard features for the same price point. It will eat into sales, but it will probably come down to hatch vs saloon and mainstream vs “premium” manufacturer.

A good position to be in for consumers though. More choice!

Wait til you find out about the crap rèpeat rapid recharge rate 1.30 hour plus extending trips over 200 miles by hours in comp with my old 30kw mark 1

Editing note: you need to add “Japan” to the story title.

The LEAF isn’t selling well in the US yet Canadians are begging for them with zero stock in dealers… boggles the mind.

Higher gas prices are partly to blame.

Will the annual Nissan Leaf deliveries in Japan reach the 50,000 milestone in 2019?

The Nissan Leaf is the only EV model of which about 350,000 copies have already been delivered (global cumulative total).

But still, the Nissan Leaf has not really proved to be that much of competition to the other ICE car models. The Nissan Leaf is not eating their lunch.

For that to be the case, the Nissan Leaf would have to be in the top ten of the monthly sales charts on a regular basis. And the consequence would have to be that other Japanese car manufacturers would have to be made nervous. Toyota should have to be made to work even harder to pull the reveal date of their EV model forward.

But that’s not the case.

But personally, I must say that I like the Nissan Leaf.

Seems price, availability, and value dominates TMS. It’s funny the Tesla Fan Boys keep shorting the Leaf.