In Germany, Electric Vehicle Registrations Surged in October to Approximately 1,000 Units


Look at All of Them Electrified Daimlers...Why Aren't Germans Buying Them?

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BMW i3 In "Solar Orange"

BMW i3 In “Solar Orange”

Last month was a real hit in Germany, where the number of electric vehicle registrations almost exceeded 1,000 units.

According to KBA, 978 units were added in October, which is almost three times more than in October 2012 and nearly two times higher than the 532 in September.

The problem is that we still don’t know for sure the number for all models sold in Germany in October.

Here’s what we do know.

Certain is that the electric smart has risen to the height of 331 units and probably will be number one for the whole year with over 1,500 units delivered so far.

Despite sales not even underway, the BMW i3 took second with 197 registrations – all by companies.

Plug-in Priuses had 142, which is interesting when compared to 16 Opel Amperas and 2 Chevrolet Volts.

Renault ZOE had 125, Nissan LEAF 40, Peugeot iOn 8, Mitsubishi i-MiEV 4 and C-Zero, as it name indicates, 0.

Wait… where is Tesla? Well… if the above numbers are correct then for all other vehicles left, there are only 113 units to go around (some Renault, Ford, VW, Mercedes, Tesla etc.). Unofficially, we saw just 37 Model S sedans registered in Germany in October. But don’t cry, maybe the BIG shipment will arrive in November.

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6 responses to "In Germany, Electric Vehicle Registrations Surged in October to Approximately 1,000 Units"
  1. Suprise Cat says:

    The Prius Plugin numbers are wrong. There were only 74 Prius and 68 Prius Plus at all, Plugins included, count them as <10.
    Renault Kangoo EV 1.
    Smart ED was 311 units.
    Rest will mostly be e-Up! registered by VW and dealers.

    Model S as far as I can see was 0 or 1.

    33 Volvo V60 Plugin
    4 Porsche Cayenne Plugin
    Outlander PHEV 0.

    And 54 Twizy (counting as motorbikes)

    1. Mark Kane says:

      Not good.

    2. Tesla Fan says:

      74 + 68 = 142 ?

      1. Suprise Cat says:

        That are all sold Prius, not only Plugin Prius.

    3. Jesse Gurr says:

      Any word on Focus Electrics sold?

  2. Svein leaf says:

    Im realy glad that Sales improving in germany
    In Norway last month the most selling car was nissan leaf(716)
    In september it was testa with over 600 cars.
    1235 ev cars registerd in oktober.
    In Norway we are now 5 million , germany 80 million people
    Incentives works!