In France, Electric Vehicle Sales Double in First Half of 2013; Sales in Western Europe Rising Too


Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Thanks to Eagle Aid, we now have a rather comprehensive looks at first-half EV sales in France and Western Europe.

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

While Eagle Aid’s presentation of the data attempts to spin it into a negative, we see the results as mostly positive.

Okay, here’s our positive spin (strikethroughs aka strikeouts added by us) on Eagle Aid’s data

“July’s electric car registrations in Western Europe topped last year’s levels, but the extent of the gain fell well short of higher earlier expectations.”

“That’s chiefly because the expected initial registration bulge in France, following the market introduction of Renault’s all-electric ZOE, has so far failed to materialize.”

“Despite the anticipated tailwind from the French domestic ZOE launch, July’s electric car registrations in France fell unexpectedly by 17.2 per cent to 492 units.”

“This brings the total registered in France so far this year to 5,271 units, thereby doubling France’s electric car sales penetration so far this year to 0.5 per cent.”

See how easy it is to play with the numbers?

What Eagle Aid is trying to say, we think, is that electric vehicle registrations are on the rise in Western Europe and EV penetration is growing in France.

Fortunately, we’ve got that strikethrough/strikeout function mastered, which allows us to present the “real” data without the negative twists and spins.

Source: Eagle Aid


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That doesn’t surprise me, they’re like Fox News when it comes to ev’s, they will only change their minds when german ev’s start selling ‘for real’, and only because it suits them.

With the current state of incentives and the economy, I consider 0.5% of the market to be quite good.

I’ll say it again, France should give a HUGE push for EVs since they have a massive nuclear power fleet that generates massive amounts of excess electricity at night that just goes wasted. They should really incentivize people to buy EVs because that way they would import less oil and instead use that abundant electricity that they have at night which is being wasted.

Heck, they should install lots of public chargers that cost money during the day but are free to use at night.

when you say excess electricity goes to waste – what do you mean ? Afterall they can’t just dump electricity in a waste yard.

Basically they do – and so do coal plants and many other types.

It means they just send the produced heat to a heat sink, instead of to powering turbines – b/c at night there’s nowhere for that energy to be used yet.

The only mass storage option available universally is to pump water up water tanks. But the capacity of all water tanks together is typically only a few percent of power-plant capacity. E.g., toggle the #’s here and see the reservoir capacity vs. the plant capacity:

That’s why all the BS you’ll hear about “coal cars” is just that – BS. When you charge your EV overnight on any grid that uses sources impossible to tune on an hourly basis (that includes nukes and coal), you are in fact providing the grid with a new waste-storage capacity and producing essentially 0 GHG in the process.

That isn’t the only way. You can also “back up” reservoirs with power generation. And example of a reservoir that ONLY does this is:

Its a big battery and water accumulator.

While it’s true that France has loads of nuclear reactors, I’m not so sure the country has such massive unused production at night.
First, in its infinite wisdom, EDF (the national electrical company) pushed like crazy for electrical heat in the 90s and possibly beyond; water heaters in particular will absorb some of that nightly production.
Next, the European grid is, well, European, so France’s night-time overproduction can be readily used by neighboring countries. Among them, Switzerland happily buys the energy France sells at a loss during the night, and pump water back up some of its dams… to then re-sell this electricity at a hefty premium during peak hours.

Regardless, like pretty much anywhere else, EVs charging at night do so on the cleanest bits of the grid.

I would not consider nuke power clean. Guess some people need more tschernobyls and fukushimas to understand that…

When I went to Italy I did see $10.00 dollar a gallon gas and a lot of solar panels on all the roof tops over there along with solar farms everywhere. That to me is the 900 pound Gorilla driving EV sales.

Negative spin is bad but positive spin is good?

How about leaving out all of the spin and just present the facts?

all out electric car marketing start

everything is electric system in high dimension
like powerful powerful GOD

who win?
maybe google