In First Half of 2013, Nearly 1 Out of Every 4 Electric Vehicles Sold in Hawaii Were Tesla Model S Sedans


Model S

Tesla Model S Prototype

According to the Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association, 388 electric vehicles were registered in the state during the first half of 2013.

Not in Hawaii

Not in Hawaii

Of those 388, 94 were Tesla Model S sedans.  That means that, despite its high price tag, nearly one out of every 4 electrics registered during the first 6 months of 2013 were Teslas.

Of the 94, 72 were registered in Q2 of 2013, leaving only 22 to be registered in Q1.

The numbers seem to show that Model S popularity and availability is rapidly rising in Hawaii.

Looking back in the past, we see that 341 electric vehicles were registered in Hawaii in 2012, 338 in 2011, 2 in 2010, 15 in 2009 and 15 in 2008.

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That’s pretty impressive considering that the closest Tesla store or service center is about 2,500 miles away. Tesla Rangers must love being sent to service a Hawaii Model S 🙂

The “TUV SUD” study ads are getting annoying. Does Insideevs know this sponsor is out to malign EVs? They are from the fossil industry. Time for a different host??

Or, Nearly three out of four electric vehicles sold in Hawaii were Nissan Leafs!

Certainly, yes. Why isn’t THAT the title of this article?
Why does Eric think we don’t care about the remaining 3/4 of those EVs sales?
Does he hold Tesla shares (or shorted Nissan, or whatever)? So much for impartiality, and therefore credibility…

A modern day Magnum P.I. would drive a Tesla.

Um… your main photo of the Model S (the gray one) is actually of the prototype, not the production model. It has a different body shape but, when in doubt, you can always tell which is which by the fog lights.

People keep using the wrong photo (especially in mainstream media), which bugs me, but it bugs me more here. 🙂

Since the vast majority of electricity is generated with Oil, unless the owner personally has a solar panel or windmill, considering the large vampire drain (at least heretofore, supposedly they’ve made an improvement with 5.0) the Model S really doesn’t decrease oil consumption much.

And the pricey electricity doesn’t really give the Model S a fuel cost advantage either.