In February, BYD Led The Plug-In Electric Car Market In China

MAR 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

The Chinese plug-in electric car market is growing rapidly – in February, some 88% more plug-in cars were sold than one year ago.


According to EV Sales Blog’s estimations, nearly 34,000 plug-in cars were sold in what’s usually the slowest month of the year in China.

Market share amounted to 1.3% for the month.

Model rank consists mostly of all-electric cars in the top 20, as only BYD and SAIC managed to put PHEVs into the top 10.

February results seem like BYD revenge over BAIC. The BYD Song PHEV with 4,418 sales became the most popular plug-in car in China last month, over the weaker BAIC EC-Series (4,120).

Together with strong Qin PHEV (3,009) sales, BYD was able to take back #1 spot for the manufacturers YTD.

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The bad news is that January results, initially estimated at some 35,000, were revised downward below 30,000.

Plug-in electric car sales in China – February 2018 (source: EV Sales Blog)

Source: EV Sales Blog

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4 Comments on "In February, BYD Led The Plug-In Electric Car Market In China"

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Kudos to Uncle Warren in his EV BYD investment!
I hope BYD does EVentually launch a consumer EV for the masses, here in the U.S.

Problem with BYD is the Chinese quality control of everything from materials / workmanship to assembly.
It will be some time yet before the Chinese mentality of sell / screw you for today as a customer vs long term good will for customers expected in the West or Japan and Korea. I wish BYD all good in trying to make a change in China both in product, quality and customer service. When they succeed only then exports will be possible. Time will tell how long this will be.

Last year incentives in China were halted for the January and February because of widespread cheating.

So sales tanked for the first two months od 2017.

I wonder if Tesla or even the western car makers, will be able to scale up in the next couple of months and beat 30K / month?