In-Depth Discussion On The Tesla Pickup Truck


Everything there is to know about the upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often gets on a roll with Tweets and then it seems there’s no stopping him, let alone what he might reveal. Recently, out of nowhere, he asked his Twitter followers to provide ideas for what they might want in an all-electric Tesla pickup truck.

Of course, Musk revealed that he already had some of his own ideas, but he was seeking some of the smaller nuances. Once the conversation started, there were plenty of outstanding suggestions, along with some silly replies. Musk shared his own ideas as the thread grew.

Let’s recap Musk’s shares:

  • 400-500 miles or more
  • Standard dual-motor all-wheel drive standard
  • Crazy torque
  • Standard dynamic adaptive suspension
  • 300,000 lb. towing capacity (most likely unrated – like pulling a jet airliner)
  • Lockers? (the guys don’t seem clear about the type of lockers mentioned here – “locking differential?”)
  • 240v power outlets

Watch the video and learn what Zac and Jesse (who admit to not being truck people) have to share about their understanding of Musk’s Tweets.

Video Description via Now You Know on YouTube:

On today’s episode of “In Depth” Zac and Jesse talk about the Tesla Pickup Truck, and all the specs that Elon Musk has been tweeting about!

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“Lockers? (the guys don’t seem clear about the type of lockers mentioned here – ‘locking differential?’ ”

A list in a Tesla Motors Club post includes “Rear and front lockers”.

Surely this is talking about “locker” in its meaning of an enclosed storage compartment. Many working trucks have locking metal boxes in the bed, or running along the top of the sides above the bed. So far as I know, those are all aftermarket additions, not options offered by the automobile maker. Is Tesla really planning to offer those as options?

Or, conversely, is Tesla thinking about making locking storage cabinets integral parts of the truck body? That would be an interesting innovation!

The idea of a “front locker” (as opposed to merely a frunk, as in the Model S, Model X and Model 3) is perhaps even more interesting. I note the Bollinger B1 truck includes a similar idea:

Great out-of-the-box thinking by Bollinger… altho that does mean it has absolutely no front crumple zone! I think it’s safe to say that Tesla will not make a pickup so lacking in safety features.

Go Tesla!

Lockers means the ability to lock an axle for use on slippery surfaces such as mud, snow, ice, etc. Lockers can be unlocked for normal driving on paved surfaces.

Most likely the Tweet was referring to locking the axle. In truck talk, “lockers” is usually in reference to that. Front and rear lockers would mean that the owner would have the ability to lock or unlock each axle.

However, the other type of lockers would be a welcome addition as well and having some up front and some in the rear would up the ante. Perhaps Musk will opt for both!

There would be no point in locking out an axle with a dual motor configuration, would there?

1 motor driving 2 wheels would need a differential, so yes, the ability to lock that differential out on slippery surfaces would increase capability.

Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear from that tweet that the person was talking about locking differentials, not foot lockers. Also, it appears the guys in this video missed the word “option” in Elon’s tweet regarding 400 – 500 mile range. They were suggesting that would be standard but clearly Elon said it would be an option. More likely a 250 – 300 mile range (before towing) standard with a heavy upcharge for the option of 400+ miles.

It has a body on frame design so it doesn’t get strength from the body. Being a big heavy truck with a frame it will likely win in a collision anyway. Most of your full size pickups are not unsafe in collisions. Crumple zones provide more control of course, but are maybe more important on unit body cars.

Great post…Diff lockers don’t even make sense in a Tesla since it has dual motors anyway yet I wouldn’t shocked if Musk later says there will be a fulltime AWD/4×4 setting/drive mode…

No matter Teslas innovations, the truth is that a Telsa pickup will most likely cost more than a Model S or X, therefore the majority of buyers will be wealthy, own multiple vehicles who want this to occasionally tow their boat around and will not take it offroad…

Locker is a locking differential, can be a electric locker, or a clutched locker, it just means that both wheels get torque on that axle…

As for crumple zone, this is a full framed vehicle, so a crumple zone is little more then a pinched spot the the frame rails usually right behind the suspension mounts that create a weak spot in the frame in one axis so it can fold to absorb the ultimate crash load. This is exactly how crumple zones are done in full size trucks and Suv’s as well.

Check out the Rambox on Ram pickups, they already have integrated locking metal boxes in the truck beds.

As others have mentioned though it’s likely “lockers” is referring to a locking differential.

Another Euro point of view

And the battery capacity is ? 200 kWh ?

will need at least 200kWh for a legit 300 mile range with regular pickup capabilities

Another Euro point of view

Then makes little sense with current technology or even slightly improved one as one can expect in 2020.

What? No one asked for it to fly, work as a submarine, and sell for $5,000?

I wonder if the higher profile of a pickup truck would allow for a double stack of Model X (or more likely, Model 3) battery packs to effectively double the energy and therefore range. That would be 200+ kWh I believe (although I’m not a Tesla expert like many who post here). This would of course also be great for stability given the (subterranean?) centre of gravity, desired for a taller vehicle in rugged conditions.

I think the battery pack(s) will be more like the Roadster II packs instead of Model 3. Roadster II packs are rumored to be a totally different chemistry than Model 3 and possibly solid state.

Possibly, but I imagine that the cell form factor and therefore pack configuration will remain the same; i.e. it will be the same pack but have a higher energy.

The idea that the 2020 Roadster will use solid state batteries is just wishful thinking on the part of some. Various statements by Elon Musk and JB Straubel have made it clear that Tesla doesn’t see solid state batteries as a near-term solution.

As has been pointed out many times, we will almost certainly see solid state batteries in cellphones, laptops, and other consumer electronic gadgets years before they appear in production EVs.

Solid state will cost too much for pickup. Other issues (low cycle life, power density, etc.) also plague early solid state cells.

Roadster is priced for solid state. 325 cycles gives a 200k mile life and power density can be much less than P100D.

This article says SolidEnergy will open sales of their 500 Wh/kg cells to the public this year for $500/kWh:

The Roadster will use solid state. It’s the only solution that fits.

You’ll feel so stupid once it’s revealed that the Roadster uses the same cells as Model 3 😛

The longer and wider wheelbase would probably fit quite a bit more batteries without having to double stack. Or at least limit the double stacking to just part of the battery.

I think if Elon wants to conquer the truck market, he should target the F-150 series. Isn’t that the best selling truck? Ie, half-ton trucks. And that’s NOT a big monster truck that has trouble parking at the grocery store (or Home Depot).

Why “target” the F150? Most ICE pickup owners will have very little interest in any EV pickup…

Yup, going to be hard to pry the die hard Ford, Chevy or Dodge guys from their trucks. Tesla is 5 years from a pickup, and then will take them a long time to ramp production to any kind of volume, so 7 to 8 years is more like it. I am still waiting to see the 35K Model 3… and Tesla started talking Model 3 in 2014… :)~

That’s not 7-8 years…

David Green the self-admitted Chevy Duramax Diesel pickup truck driver and GM fanboi is feeling the pain because Tesla is going to enter and crush yet another market.

I’m so shocked!!!

ROTFLMAO… You really think so? they cannot even build a performance sedan profitably…

I think a Tesla truck can do quite well with commercial users. What size of truck is most popular with these?

A Tesla truck can solve 2 problems with trucks:
1. Bed too short for 8’ loads.
A: Make the cab openable in back with fold down seats.
2. Not enough seats for 6+ passengers.
A: Add 3rd row (foldable?) seats to bed with factory shell option.

Every time Elon wants to change the topic, he brings up more vaporware. And the public eats it up. This is why Twitter and Facebook are the bane of stable democracies: megalomaniacs can send propaganda directly into the brains of rubes, with no experienced press corps to filter it. And now we have Donald Trump, and Elon Musk.

IN what sense is a discussion by people who by their own admission know nothing about trucks, ‘in depth’?

Many people, living in the burbs, especially new parents, can afford only one car for all their needs; Many select an extended cab PU because it can transport the family and also be used to haul goods and support the DIY projects implemented by new families. Elon should not only design to the contractors/builders specs, but also to this segment of the population…perhaps two different models.

Rivian is claiming 5 seat pickup with 450 mile range starting at $50,000
Will be at LA auto show this fall.

I think the pickup and the semi are two vehicles Tesla is going to get pretty beaten to market by. But with Tesla’s loyal fan base they will still sell their share.
Tesla just isn’t going to be first by any stretch of the imagination on these.

IMO it would pretty weak to not take full advantage of a flat floor and motor change and make it look like just another ICE truck.. cmon, grow a pair…. Move the cab all the way forward and up. Two door high/wide cab. Versatile 3 person bench seat cab you can stand in Deep full bed under a tonneau cover/Air . 110v 30amp plugs are fine. Allow us to run AC while parked and/or charging overnight for less than 10% of the capacity. Tailgate that is also a ramp. No fancy frills so affordable. Maybe lockers is the Rambox like Feature?

Tesla Pick Up Specs, Think loaded GMC Denali with Tesla Ludicrous powertrain and innovative features such as remote activated sliding waterproof bed cover, sunroof, full LED lighting, unique custom paint finishes, needs to stand out from the crowd without being cartoonish and look like a truck not a car.