In Connecticut, You’ll Never Be More Than 15 Minutes From a Public Charging Station by End of 2013


Imagine that there’s a state in US where you’ll never be more than 15 minutes away from the nearest public charging station.  Wouldn’t that be swell?

Connecticut's Relatively Small Area Means Not Too Many Chargers Are Need to Meet That "Never More Than 15-Minute" Claim

Connecticut’s Relatively Small Area Means Not Too Many Chargers Are Need to Meet That “Never More Than 15-Minute” Claim

Well, it looks like that’ll be the case in Connecticut by the end of 2013.

The State of Connecticut says it’ll eliminate any chance of  “range anxiety” by more than doubling its publicly-accessible charging stations in the state.

Today there exists approximately 80 public charging stations in Connecticut.  By the end of 2013, that number will be around 200.

The state will foot only part of the bill for each charging station install.  It’s estimated that Connecticut will pay out $2,000 per stations, while public and private organizations pick up the additional $2,000 to $4,000 per charger.  Almost all units will be Level 2.

Environment Commissioner, Dan Esty, had this to say:

“By the end of this year we will be able to say that Connecticut is electric vehicle friendly across the state.  You’ll always be within ten or fifteen minutes of a charging station.”

Only 298 electric vehicles are currently registered in Connecticut.  Though a small figure, the 298 represent a tripling of the 98 registered as of September 2012.

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What do folks think would be the best source for number of chargers installed by state? Is there a running list somewhere? And how does one find total registered EVs by state? Comparing each (chargers and vehicles) on a per capita basis by state might be another interesting way to track how markets and market share are changing over time.

You can look at to view the chargers.
EV’s by state.. not sure, but sometimes that data does surface from DMV’s.

The number of public charging stations is important but installing them at optimal locations is just as important. Parking lots/spaces at places where people shop, eat, sleep or see a movie are ideal because those are the places cars park for an hour or more. Malls, Hotels/Motels, Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Municipal Parking Lots. Oh, and let’s not forget all these places employ people who may be driving EVs as well. If that gets done then the next step would be making an app that allows an EV driver to find a charging station by location type. i.e. Show me all Hotels near me with charging stations. Show me all movie theaters near me with charging stations……


I’m heading to the Detroit area this weekend. I’ve spent a day looking for a restaurant with a charger nearby so I can get some juice while I eat/relax. It’s not easy and there are not many.

As a Detroiter myself, I can say that charging stations are few and far between here. Where’d you find the restaurant with a charger near?

To truly be 15 minutes away, in many places, they will need to be 7-8 miles away. That’s pretty dense, even for a small state like CT.

That should ease the ‘charger anxiety’ of some thinking of leasing/buying an EV.

As a resident, they must mean 15 minutes if only traveling on the highway… they are slowly starting to appear… Some whole foods have them, train stations too… BMW dealer too…