In California: Electric Vehicles Grab 1.1% of Automotive Market in First Half of 2013; Plug-in Hybrids Take 0.7%


According to the California Auto Outlook, the state’s plug-in hybrid market share was 0.7% in the first half of 2013, while the market share for pure battery electric vehicles was 1.1%.

Inching Up and Up

Inching Up and Up

A look at registrations shows that 5,736 plug-in hybrids were registered in California in the first half of 2013 and 9,708 pure electrics were registered.

A further examination of the figures released by California Auto Outlook shows that Tesla captured 0.6% of California’s light-duty passenger vehicle segment in the first half of 2013.  At 0.6%, Tesla, with its lone vehicle, surpassed Buick (0.5%), FIAT (0.5%), Land Rover (0.5%), Lincoln (0.3%) and Mitsubishi (0.3%).

As Green Car Congress points out:

“On the electric vehicle side, Tesla Motors posted 2,308 units of the Model S in California during the second quarter of 2013, representing 44.8% of the 5,150 units it reported sold during that quarter.  For the first half of 2013, Tesla posted 4,714 units of the Model S in California, representing about 52% of its deliveries and representing 48.6% of battery electric vehicles sold in the state during that period.”

So, Model S sedans accounted for nearly half of the pure electric vehicles sold in California in the first 6 months of 2013.  That’s impressive, especially when one considers how much a Model S costs when compared to the other pure electrics available.

Source: California Auto Outlook (PDF) via Green Car Congress

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Wow, nearly half the Tesla Model S cars were sold in California. Well, it makes sense . . . Tesla did get its inspiration by looking at the California auto market.

This is very wild considering how big California in that it’s one of the most populated states in the Union. I always thought something like this could happen in say Rhode Island or Delaware which are smaller states where EV’s could get up to 1% with a easier time based on size and population. But it’s amazing that they would be able to take the big one right of the bat. Could this be things to come.

If you add it all up all hybrid and electric plus plug ins accounted fro almost 10% of registrations. That’s pretty good but one must remember that it’s California.

Right next door here is Arizona, 100% of all new registrations were pick up trucks….but what a ya expect. Rifle rack sales were also big.

Wow, 100%, huh? Doesn’t sound very factual. Was it supposed to be funny??

I thought it was funny. Ease up a bit, Steve.

Did you know Prius & Civic are sub-compacts ? CA dealers think so !

Did anyone else notice that nearly 1 in 10 vehicles sold in California are either a hybrid / PHEV or EV?

Pretty good! A few more good hybrids/PHEVs/EVs should get that over 10% pretty easily…

A 1.8% take rate for plug-ins, not bad.