In August Sales of Renault ZOE Drop Below 200 In France; Nissan LEAF Sets Its Own Record At 148

SEP 7 2013 BY MARK KANE 14

Last month, registrations of the Renault ZOE fell again in France to 198, which is lowest since January and over 5 times lower than the sales peak in March.

In France, when ZOE goes up or down, the whole EV market seems to follow, because ZOE is the nation’s most popular EV.

Last month, the EV market fell to 403 units. This mean that France wasn’t the largest European market for EV passenger vehicles in August.  Norway was.

It seems France likely fell behind Germany, too (dependent on unknown smart fortwo electric drive registrations and some other models there).

In France Nissan LEAF Sales Are on the Rise Too

In France Nissan LEAF Sales Are on the Rise Too

The Nissan LEAF, after a few solid months of around 100 sales in France, set new record of 148 registrations in August. Together with ZOE, these two vehicles account for almost 86% of passenger EV sales.

Here’s a look at how the rest of the EV pack fared in France for August:

  • Bolloré Bluecar:  20
  • Citroen C-Zero, Peugeot iOn and Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 31
  • Ford Focus Electric: 4
  • Smart ED : 1
  • Renault Fluence: 1

YTD numbers are almost 50% better than last year with 5,674 registrations, of which 4,140 are Renault ZOE.

In France, there is also a relatively large EV light commercial vehicle (LCV) market. YTD registrations are at 3,283, about 57% higher than last year.

If we take into account LCVs, then maybe France still is the leader in August for Europe?

The questions that remain are will the Renault ZOE awake from its summer slowdown and go over 1,000 units a month again and will Norway and/or Germany overtake France later this year?

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EV sales numbers are meaningless, unless considered as a percentage of total car sales. Did they go up or down as a percentage of total sales?

Total new registrations were 85,565, -11% YtY.
EV sales 403, down from 959 last year, so they are down much more than overall car sales.

That is really sad news.

The Zoe is massively overpriced…
The empty car without battery costs almost twice as much as the Clio with all the ICE junk. (21 vs 13k euro) That’s just top of the line bs. Deserving of water boarding.

I’ve seen you on YouTube, and I thought that moron from Fast Lane Daily was being an idiot. Actually, you are overreacting. The Zoe, last time I checked the Zoe does cost below £15,000 in the UK, of course with reductions.
If battery leasing is something that you regard as “top of the line bs”, then what about in the US and Europe (most dominantly Germany) where the majority of Smart ED purchases involve the battery rental scheme.

The problem with that is that I’m not a moron, I’m a genius. Which in turn reflects poorly on you given what you just said.
I didn’t object to the idea of battery lease. I objected to the price. Think a little.

The france government gives a 7500 Euro financial support on each Zoe, bringing prices very close.

BTW: August is THE holiday month in france, first wait until October to make conclusions.

The standard Clio is not as well equipped as the standard Zoe, If I’m not mistaken. But sure, there is a price difference. But you shouldn’t compare apples and oranges. The Zoe is one of the cheapest EVs on the market when compared to similarly equipped EVs with a similar range.

Wow. Some people actually got the Ford Focus EV. They must be for fleets.

The Zoé is a great car and costs exactly the same as a basic Clio in France, price reduction included, excl. battery rental. So in France it’s not the price that causes bad sales. It is the fact that the car has no cable for normal household power sockets, so you cannot visit grandma. And although maps of charging locations show quiet a lot of chargers, they are mostly very low power and have a standard household socket, which the Zoé cannot use. Fast chargers are rare and mostly of the CHAdeMO type, which the Zoé cannot use either.

So it’s not the car, it’s the silly marketing (no connection to household sockets) and bad infrastructure (hardly any usable fast chargers). A weird way for a country with Europe’s largest electric car industry: they offer a large subsidy per car, but creating the needed infrastructure is bogged down in lots of talking and not doing and bad decisions. Also at Renault: being part of Renault-Nissan but not being able to use Nissan’s CHAdeMO standard! Missing cable and missing infrastructure may kill the Zoé in France.

You bring up some good points. But in the future we will see more and more chargers with the Mennekes plug (the i3, Euro Model S, eGolf and eUp will all use them) and less and less new CHAdeMO, I expect. But the build in charge point finder should of course only point you to the ones you can actually use. And they really need to find a solution to the household plug problem. I’d rather have very slow/inefficient household charging than none at all.

This is good news! But a small Italian company already had created a cable for the Zoé, independently, but at 10A (what most household sockets can deliver – think of grandma) it charged much slower then for instance the Leaf, because the Chameleon charger, built in the Zoé, is very inefficient at the low 10A and it takes 20 hours to charge a depleted battery, which is too long.

So I realy hope Renault solved that problem with their soon to arrive cable…

It’s even stranger in France: together with Italy it is the only European country to go its own direction with its own plug, which is not the Mennekes. The few fast chargers that are not CHAdeMO are of that type (they call it “type 3”). So if you buy a Renault Zoé in France, it is equipped for type 3, not for Mennekes. If you buy a Zoé outside of France and Italy, it will connect to Mennekes. Now France is the most popular holiday destination for the people in the countries surrounding it. Some of those people might soon want to go on holiday with their BMW i3 with REx, hoping to drive mostly on electrons. And as people with pure EVs get used to more fast chargers in the rest of Europe, range anxiety will go down and they as well will start thinking of going on holiday. But they cannot go to France – apart from the Nissan Leaf owners – because it has no fast chargers for them, since the Belgians, Dutch, English and Germans cannot plug in their EVs into the Type 3 chargers. And the French EV drivers cannot go to the countries surrounding… Read more »