In April, Nissan Sold Less Than 1,000 LEAFs In Japan

MAY 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

April is typically a slower month of the year in terms of volume of car sales in Japan, but less than 1,000 Nissan LEAFs sold is a surprise.

Nissan sold some 874 LEAFs last month, which is still 119% more than one year ago, but after an average of ≈3,000 during the past six months when the second-generation entered the market in October 2017, we had hoped for more.

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Anyways, April’s result was enough to reach the milestone of 100,000 LEAF sales in Japan since December 2010.

The bad news is that with the lower result in Japan and weak sales in the U.S., April will not be as strong as March when more than 11,000 LEAF were delivered worldwide.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – April 2018

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – April 2018

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Must be still in production hell, same as the US factory.

Eyeballing the first chart tells me that the sales trend for January through April is absolutely normal. Even so we have a ≈100% increase in the same month over most of the preceding 4-5 years.
No doom-and-gloom necessary here.

Yup, if I recall correctly, April is the start of their fiscal year, so everyone’s holding on to their wallets 🙂

Given they’ve had several months with much higher production, I assume this is a demand issue, not a production issue, right?

I guess I’m not so much surprised that demand has fallen off as I am surprised that there ever was any demand. Nissan’s reputation with EVs is in the gutter, is it not? People bought them because they were cheap, not because they were good, and now the competition is close to matching them in price while blowing them away in every other way, no?

Methinks you might be overexaggerating things a bit 🙂

Mayhap you have misunderestimated the problem. 😉

But seriously, a significant amount of variation in car sales between one month and the next, or one season and the next, is perfectly normal in the automotive market.

Nuthin’ to see here. Move along, move along!

“now the competition is close to matching them in price while blowing them away in every other way, no?”

No. The Leaf is a better car. The Bolt has a superior battery. I can say price around here is an issue. In March they wanted more for a Leaf then Chevy was charging for the Bolt.

You did note the story is about _Japan_, right?
1) Japanese as a rule don’t buy non-Japanese cars, except a small number of luxury brands. All foreign cars together make 6% of the market (in units).
2) Since the other Japanese carmakers don’t do BEVs (except the i-MiEV which AFAIK has been discontinued), the Leaf is the only local-brand EV.

So this is an odd development, and needs to be tracked.

The old Leaf is a bit long in the tooth, and it’s showing. As I predicted months ago Leaf sales would fall, due to superior alternatives, their problems, and bad press around their battery system. Hopefully they will get back in the saddle when the new Leaf comes out, as they will be turning over a new leaf.
About time, as all their protestations to the contrary regarding their battery system, and their defense of it are inaccurate and not trustworthy,, while criticisms of a poor battery TMS have been shown to be correct.
Chickens coming home to roost.

What are your predicitions for May? Higher or lower than April? Higher or lower than May last year?

I usually don’t make predictions on a month by month but, the indicators were strong that drop in sales was eminent, many months ago. Certainly the sales in the U.S. will continue to languish, at least until the long-range one is out, and these latest numbers out Japan pretty much spell the end of the line, for the old model.
Still they will be making deals trying to sell what they have left.

Um, that’s the new model not the old. It came out Oct 2017 in Japan. And if you are able to decipher the chart in the story, you’ll see that things have been pretty swell for them on their domestic market with this version, the occasional down month notwithstanding. Fiscally, April is Japanese for January.

I’m talking about the one that is supposed to have the new LG Chem battery, and an actual TMS. I don’t think that’s out yet. January April makes little difference the old battery Leaf, the battery company they sold, due to it’s inferior capabilities, those cars are done. They’re toast, kaput.
But they will still move some with huge markdowns.

I like the look of the new Leaf a lot more than the old Leaf, and the new acceleration numbers look pretty good, but 150 miles of AER just doesn’t cut it in the US in 2018. And now it turns out it may not cut it in Japan, either. Which actually kind of surprises me. The Japanese public really roots for the home team when it comes to buying cars, and I thought that that mind set would keep the Leaf sales pretty high, but I was wrong.
April is a slow car sales month in both Japan and the US, but this seems to be a bit deeper dip than MoM variability would account for.
Nissan needs to get a 60+ kWh pack delivered for the Leaf sooner rather than later. September can’t come soon enough. I hope they don’t drop the ball and allow the delivery of the larger pack to move to the right on the calendar.

Not less than, fewer than.

Never go full pedant. 😉

How many were available, and went unsold, is a better question since if all available were sold then it is a supply issue and not a demand issue

I really think seasonal demand issues were playing a role, the question is, how much?

This came from simply fiscal year system of Japan. April is staring month of fiscal year in Japan and it always slow of purchasing any of products. DO NOT OVER REACT.