In April BYD Sold Record High 3,500 Plug-In Electric Cars In China

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BYD, for 17 months in a row, increased sales of Qin plug-in hybrid to 2,625 in April (up almost 190% year-over-year) and almost 24,000 since itsย  introduction.

This is still the most popular model in the Chinese market that step-by-step is moving to be world’s largest (plug-in electric car sales).

All-electric model e6 is going strong with 890, which in total translates to 3,515 BYD plug-in electric cars sold in April.

At such pace, only those two models would in a year raise demand for BYD’s batteries to over 1 GWh, not counting other applications.

The only all-electric model ahead of BYD e6 in April was Zotye E20 with 1,131 sales.

According to the ChinaAutoWeb, there were 5,155 BEV and 3,165 PHEV Chinese made plug-in electric cars sold last month (plus an unknown number of imported ones, like Tesla):

Sales of pure-electric cars in April:

1. Zotye E20: 1131

2. BYD e6: 890

3. BAIC EV200/EV160 (E150 EV): 847

4. Chery QQ EV: 667

5. JAC iEV: 584

6. Zotye Z100 EV (Cloud 100): 447

7. Chery eQ: 262

8. DENZA EV: 131

9. Kandi Panda EV: 95

10. SAIC Roewe E50: 58

11. Doongfeng-Nissan Venucia e30: 35

12. BAIC Senova ES210 (Senova EV): 8

Sales of plug-in hybrid cars in April:

1. BYD Qin: 2625

2. SAIC Roewe 550 PHEV: 479

2. BMW 530Le: 33

3. GAC Trumpchi GA5 REV: 28″

Source: ChinaAutoWeb

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If the specs are true, the BYD e6 BEV weights 2.5 tons, has 186 mile range and a 61 kWh battery. A heavy car but has good range. How long before they offer it in the U.S.


Based on EPA

Its range is only 127 miles

Counter-Strike Cat

The EPA rating is based on a older version.


127 miles is e6’s latest version

its older version is 122 miles


You’re referring to the first batch of E6.
The newer ones, those produced for Universiade Shenzhen 2011 and after have much better range(186 miles). Many range tests conducted by the media and individuals were done over the past 3 years and the range claimed is consistent with the test results.


And yet BYD sits at number four in world wide sales and GM is at number ten.


And e-bikes (electric bicycles) vastly outsell EV cars, because of all the people in third world countries who can’t afford the more expensive vehicles.

Comparing BYD sales to GM sales isn’t quite as inappropriate, but it’s still an apples-to-oranges comparison. BYD makes no passenger cars or light trucks which can be licensed to drive on public roads in first-world countries.

Johnny Logic
@Lensman, Do your homework: If you understand the US certification process for all vehicle manufacturers you would know that the U.S. DOT accepts self-certification testing and compliance testing results from all OEMs. This is how new models launch — the manufacture holds all the liability– this never changes. However, sometime after a vehicle has been launched for consumer sales at multiple dealers, NHTSA “can” select vehicle samples, purchase them, and test them independently. They don’t have to, but they can. BYD has World-Class crash testing facilities even better than what NHTSA has — they beat out 5 of Detroit’s top US manufacturer’s last year to win this award: They completed all BYD e6 crash testing in this facility and complied with the U.S. DOT for submissions of the testing results they are in compliance for MY2012-MY2014 based on the FMVSS safety listings for BYD here — you have to comply to federal safety standards to be placed on these lists: The US EPA and DOE lists qualified US vehicles on their website: — you can link directly to the BYD e6 (MY 2014) HERE: — you can link directly to the BYD e6 (MY 2013) HERE: The… Read more »

think byd qin is a great car. would buy it in germany too, if i could.


+1. I would be one in Australia. By not selling here ๐Ÿ™


Before China can start exporting cars to first-world countries, they need to solve three problems:

1. Improve safety and crash-survivability so they will pass safety tests required to be street legal in first-world countries

2. Solve the chronic Chinese problem with quality control (and outright, widespread substitution of counterfeit parts, especially in electronics)

3. Start enforcing international patent laws

#3 alone once quashed a deal for BYD to sell electric buses in California. In China’s domestic market, pretty much everybody ignores IP rights such as patents. But they can’t sell such products in first-world countries, where patent rights actually are enforced.


Reading this comment is like listening to comments made in the 1980’s about Japanese cars.