In 72 Hours, Mission Motorcycles Sells Half of Entire Production Run of $60,000 Mission RS Motorcycles

JUN 13 2013 BY MARK KANE 3

Mission RS

Mission RS

Mission RS

Mission RS

It was just over one week ago when Mission Motorcycles introduced its RS and S motorcycles, which appeared to be fastest (to date) street-legal electric bikes.

In a recent InsideHook interview, Mark Seeger, Chairman and President of Mission Motorcycles, says that half of the 40 limited edition Mission RS bikes have been sold:

And within 72 hours of going on sale last week, half were sold (including two during our interview).

Maybe they aren’t quite sold out exactly, but rather reserved for $10,000.

Anyways, it seems that there are some folks that want to feel the EV grin on two wheels and are willing to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $60,000 to do so, as that’s the price tag on the base version of the RS.  This, of course, should be seen as an all-around success.

Now, we hope that the Mission Motorcycles, as announced, will move forward with production of this visually stunning and ultimate performing electric bike.

Source: Inside Hook

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Hopefully they use the profits to make a more affordable bike to compete with Brammo & Zero.

Perhaps the good folks at Mission will take a page from Tesla’s book and make each successive generation more affordable than the previous?

It seems to me that they are doing exactly that, taking a page from Tesla’s play book. What with a 10k deposit and all. Tesla started expensive with the roadster, Now the much better and least expensive Model S can be had for the same price as this motorcycle. I like two wheel fun also, But if I had 60k burning a hole in my pocket I know which vehicle I would chose. The one with 4 wheels. I hope they do well regardless and follow the Tesla model closely, with the same passion, and drive to change the two wheeled world as Elon has begun to have in the four wheeled world, and success at making the best motorcycle that just happens to be electric. Musk said that about his model S and every one scoffed and laughed and said it couldn’t be done. They are not Laughing now. Motorcycles, especially at the high end, engender much passion because of the open air experience of flying at ground level they evoke. To Glide through through the twisties under a canopy of trees on an early summers eve at 20 to 30 miles an hour in total silence or blasting… Read more »