In 4 US Cities, LEAF Outsells All Other Nissan Models

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The Signs Reads Like Mumbo Jumbo, But There’s a Reason For This

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Now This Is Photography Done Right

Nissan, via its Nissan LEAF Facebook page, held a contest of sorts for LEAF fans.

The image above was posted on the LEAF Facebook page, with this statement/question attached:

“The Nissan LEAF had another amazing month of sales in April – especially in these 4 U.S. cities, where it outsold every other Nissan model.”

“Can you guess what the cities are?”

As you can see, the image hints at 3 of the 4 cities: SAN = San Francisco,  SEA = Seattle and HONO = Honolulu.  But what’s the mysterious fourth city?  Well, here’s Nissan’s answer to that in a follow-up Facebook post:

“The Nissan LEAF outsold all Nissan models in San Francisco, Seattle, Honolulu & Portland in April. If you answered correctly on yesterday’s post, we’ve got something special for you!”

Now Nissan asks, “Which cities do you think the LEAF will be #1 in May?”  We’re sort of thinking those same 4 cities will repeat in May, but what do you think?

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11 responses to "In 4 US Cities, LEAF Outsells All Other Nissan Models"

  1. zilm says:

    Is there a way to sort out California only EV and PHEV sales? It could give interesting share numbers.

  2. Gene says:

    Shouldn’t it be SANSEAHONOPORT? Or go half & half with SANSEALULULAND 😉

  3. Anthony says:

    Surprised Davis, California was not one of them.

    1. Lawrence Rhodes says:

      I think they’re talking about big cities. BTW Davis is close enough to San Francisco to possibly be considered as part of San Francisco depending on how they did the survey.

      1. Mic says:

        i wonder what kind of survey could consider Davis part of San Franicisco, consider the two cities are 73 miles apart?

  4. IDK says:

    And to think there is no Chevy Spark going to be sold in Seattle along with Oregon and California at release time. Chevy must have missed the memo!

    1. Back to back, two months in row that LEAF continues to be Nissan’s top seller in Portland & Seattle markets. For March “LEAF was the top-selling vehicle for the Nissan brand in April—Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and San Diego” via Erik Gottfried, Nissan director of electric vehicle (EV) marketing and sales strategy.

      Seems San Diego inched out Los Angels and San Francisco in California. Now that San Fran. & LA stepped up DC Quick Charge deployments, will they again top sales charts for all Nissan vehicles?

      The Leaf taking top sales in Honolulu is no surprise considering Hawaii is deploying DC Quick Charge infrastructure like the PNW states of Oregon & Wahington. DC Quick Charge is essential for regional commuting and commplements home charging at Level 2.

      Will it be a “hat-trick” for Seattle & Portland in June with each continuing to lead top sales for a third consecutive month?

      1. Typo: “Besides May,” (vs. For March) LEAF was top seller…

  5. Bill Howland says:

    obviously LULU was one of the big cities.. unfortuantely, this will not be so big venue that peopel sho see destruction will be instatly acknoledged, and acted up.

  6. Bill Howland says:

    forget that last posting, my kb is acting up.

  7. All West Coast Cities (and yes Honolulu is West). Come on East Coast, catch up.