In 2018 BMW Group Sold Over 25,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In U.S.

BMW 530e iPerformance

JAN 9 2019 BY MARK KANE 40

530e iPerformance become BMW’s star in China and now also in the U.S.

BMW Group (BMW and MINI) barely increased plug-in car sales in the U.S. last month to 2,774 (up 2.0% year-over-year), but the overall share in total volume remains 7.5%.

The result for the full year of 2018 exceeds 25,000 at a growth rate of 17.9% and average share out of total volume of over 7%. By the way, BMW 530e iPerformance is the best-selling premium plug-in hybrid in the U.S. and is ahead of the BMW i3.

“BMW brand sales of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles totaled 2,774 in December 2018, an increase of 2.0 percent over the 2,720 sold in the same month a year ago. For the full year, combined sales of BMW Group (BMW and MINI) electrified vehicles exceeded 25,000 for the first time, and grew 17.9 percent in comparison with 2017.BMW Group currently offers five electrified models in the U.S., including the BMW i3, BMW i8 and i8 Roadster, BMW 530e, BMW 740e, and MINI Countryman plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle. Plug-in hybrid versions of the all-new BMW X5 and the all-new BMW 3 Series have been announced and will begin sales in the U.S. at a future date.”

Despite the results improving compared to 2017, it’s hard to say that it was good enough progress for the German manufacturer.

BMW i + iPerformance  + MINI PHEV sales in U.S.

BMW plug-in car sales in 2018 estimated by IEVs:

  • BMW 530e – 8,664
  • BMW i3 – 6,117
  • BMW X5 xDrive40e – 4,434
  • BMW 330e – 2,600
  • MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 – 1,564
  • BMW i8 – 772
  • BMW 740e – 339

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Well I guess it’s something. I suppose we will have to have to wait another year until big bad BMW really comes to town, in a wide open carriage with high-stepping stallions guiding and we all will bow low to their brilliance. Their shining brightness, like a Kaiser come to parade before the peasants.

The Kaiser was Prussian. BMW is Bavarian. BMW would just be happy if you DD’d for them at Oktoberfest.

You might not be aware of him, but Der Kaiser was born in Munich and is alive.

Worldwide BMW sold exactly, what they wanted to sell. To say it is not sufficient is nothing but a subjective opinion.

Their 2018 sales worldwide were within rounding error of the forecast they gave a year ago. As was 2017. They said: ‘we are going to do X at time T’ and dead on. 40% growth worldwide. I don’t think they’ve released 2019 forecasts yet.

Considering they sell seven (7!) different plug-ins, that sales number is AWFUL. Just really awful. They need a good pure EV.

The European compliance car PHEVs have been a huge flop…and I’m glad. These ~10 mile range PHEVs are stupid…just a waste of time & money. At the minimum they need bigger batteries…but at this point, it is probably too late.

BMW needs something that can compete with the Tesla cars….and the i3 ain’t it.

Right! The sales of the “BMW 530e – 8,664”, equals less that Two (2) Weeks worth of Model 3 Production in Q4, and what – 6-8 Weeks Production in January, 2018?

Plus, the “BMW i3 – 6,117” equals about 7-9 days worth of current Model 3 Production, a vehicle that is some $10,000 or more, more expensive than the i3! BMW’s week knee’d effort at PHEV’s, seems weaker that Toyota, with their Prius Prime (27,595 sales), and even Honda’s Clarity PHEV (18,602 sales) blows past many of BMW’s short range players, combined!

Then, Tesla Model S, alone, sold 25,745 cars, in the USA, alone, versus Seven BMW plugin cars, of “25,000+”!

Interesting, actually!

BMW sold more i3 than Tesla sold Model X so the i3 is actually successful. Just not in the US.

Actually, BMW’s plan was to electrify many vehicles instead of relying on a single plug-in vehicle. I think it worked. However, I admit the range is the #1 complaint I have with their PHEVs. They need to double the range in every one of them.

The AER (all electric range) is in golf-cart mode. Not real driving.

Wrong. .went 149 miles in my 2017 i3 BEV in conservative highway driving…and 122 miles averaging 69mph on my way back from Vegas.

He’s talking about the PHEVs. The i3 is a real EV.

You think 25,000 cars sold across 7 models is a success? How could they even recoup the engineering costs on such low volume?

Well the US isn’t their biggest market. There’s this huge land mass on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Some people call it Europe. Oh and also there’s China. Additionally BMW sells 2 million vehicles per year. Over 90% of the parts/design of any of their PHEV models are shared with the non-plug in models (the other 93%).

So your right…it isn’t enough. But it’s not the number you need to look at.

The thing is, the Tesla Model 3 was the biggest selling luxury car in the USA. It swallowed up a lot of market share from BMW. And it is now headed to Europe. And the EVs are continuing to get better/cheaper. And BMW has nothing that competes with it.

They better get those EVs they have in development out there because their PHEV strategy was a big flop.

You do realise that Model 3 sales in Europe are only going to be a fraction of the sales achieved in the US.

Good luck with that prediction!

Nope..many idiots don’t know the world exists outside the U.S.

By realising that the US isn’t actually all that relevant to BMW, Mercedes and Audi. They are not even offering all their cars in America just a small selection.

Numbers are exactly matching BMWs worldwide plan and always did! To call it awful simply shows that you are biased.

Their plan is insufficient. Meeting a bad plan isn’t good!

They grew above average for a car company in a declining market. Clearly they are doing something right.

So there plan was to sell cars in such small volumes that they cannot even recoup the design costs of the vehicles? And that is a big success? Really? They may success themselves right into bankruptcy if Tesla keeps stealing their market share.

I don’t think getting the cars homologated for the US creates such huge development costs that they can’t be recouped with those numbers.

Yeah, good luck as the Model 3 and Model Y come to Europe. EVs sell at higher rates in Europe than the do in the USA.

Are they eligible for the Federal Tax credit now?

I have to wonder who actually buys these PHEVs. Is it just people wanting HOV lane access? The range is just not acceptable. The 530e, for example, is their best selling PHEV. It only gets 16 miles of range. What’s worse, the battery size is actually larger than the Prius Prime’s battery, yet the Prime gets 25 miles of range, a far more useful distance. That tells me their cars are way less efficient than Toyota’s. So, BMW needs to figure out how to either put a larger battery capacity or make the drivetrain more efficient, or both. I keep hoping to see them upgrade these with newer battery chemistries so that the range might be something more reasonable.

I applaud BMW for at least trying to sell these more than some of the other brands. But if the customers aren’t even plugging them in, due to the small battery, what good are they?

Don’t forget about the state rebates. Up until 2019, MA would give you $1000 for buying a plug-in hybrid.

That’s over now. In 2019, only pure BEVs under $50K receive the $1K rebate.

I think they were largely designed for the European market, hence my calling them “European compliance cars”. They are designed to get their needed tons of CO2 per kilometer numbers.

I agree…they are just silly. Almost no point putting in all those electric drivetrain parts and then crippling it with such a small battery.

It is so annoying when people vote you down but cannot provide a counter argument.

Comparing the 5series to the Prius economy car. Brilliant!

The 5e numbers are a bit surprising to me, to be honest. I did not expect to see 8K+ on the year even though the plug 5 series is at same price as the gas version …before credits!
You lose a few horses but gain thousands in extra $.

The 530e actually makes the same 248 horsepower as the non-hybrid 530i. The 530e also has much more torque than the 530i.

dang! You are right! I must have looked at 540i.

Actually embarrassing numbers in my book….

that’s cute

How many were fake PHEV and how many were BEV?

Almost all are PHEV. The only EV they have is the i3 and even most of those are the ReX version I believe.

Production share of the rex version is ~20%. But Americans seem to favour the rex one.

This is an article about American sales. Derp.

Just for perspective; there is ONE (1) EV on this list. A city car. The rest pollute just as much any other ICE.