In 2014, One Out Of Every 8 Cars Registered In Norway Was All-Electric (18,017 Total)

JAN 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Tesla Model S In Norway

Tesla Model S In Norway

Norway ended the year 2014 with 18,017 registrations of new passenger electric cars, which is a lot more than the previous 7,845 in 2013.

As you probably already know, EVs are strong in Norway and are in the TOP 5 most popular models. In fact, electric cars got 12.5% market share – an order of magnitude more than in other countries.

The total number of registrations is even higher than that as over 3,000 were imported individually plus almost 600 delivery vans. provided a great sales list via OFV AS with sales numbers for different brands.

Volkswagen breaks 4,970 on combined e-up! (2,971) and e-Golf (2,018) sales in Norway in 2014, according to a previous story and data from Best Selling Cars.

Nissan (almost all LEAFs) had 4,857, while Tesla was third with 4,041!

BMW i3 was at 2,039 and Kia Soul EV with 441 was able to overtake 432 Renault!

Number of registrations of new all-electric passenger cars in Norway โ€“ Nobember 2014 (Source:

Number of registrations of new all-electric passenger cars in Norway โ€“ December 2014 (Source:

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Norway is dead. Now no one will buy their oil, not even their own people. They lose the road tolls and oil tax, and can’t sell their own oil to anyone either. I feel sorry for them.

Oil price wont stay that low for long. Norway can afford a year or two with state depts easily. Unlike Russia or Venezuela.

Normaly one would think, that oil importing nations would do much to push EVs. Right now it’s two oil exporting nations that do the most for EVs – US and Norway. And well… China is pushing too, but they think far ahead, not only to the next election (but they have other problems caugh *human rights* caugh).

I feel sorry for them too. Some of the richest, happiest, cleanest, safest, least working, family oriented people living in an abundance of beautiful nature available for everyone.

What will the poor bastards do.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I feel even more sorry for them when knowing that they have almost not even seen the oil money since most of it is put in the national oil fund for rainy days (or rather many many rainy years, considering the size of it ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Not to mention the horror of driving Teslas during this transition.

But what you dont put into consideration is that Norway now has almost 1 million imigrants out of 5,2 million people. According to the Norwegian statistical bureau each single non-western imigrant (those that most likely dont work, dont have an education, dont really care about speaking the language or learning Norwegian culture) will cost Norway 4,1 million kr in total. That means that within 2035-2045 the whole “Oil fund” will be lost, gone, spent. Therefore, that fund wont save you.

Quite the contrary. Norway is a shining example of how from wise decisions and good management of national resources can greatly benefit people such that they can afford the choice to embrace new paradigms.

‘Everyone in Norway became a theoretical millionaire on Wednesday, in a milestone for the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund that has ballooned thanks to high oil and gas prices.

Set up in 1990, the fund owns around 1 per cent of the world’s stocks, as well as bonds and real estate from London to Boston, making the Nordic nation an exception when others are struggling under a mountain of debts.

A preliminary counter on the website of the central bank, which manages the fund, rose to 5.11 trillion crowns ($931.87 billion), fractionally more than a million times Norway’s most recent official population estimate of 5,096,300.’

Interesting facts, and very good strategy with the sovereign funds. Still, I faail to see how they will not lose a lot of money selling at $50 a barrel. Someone quoted here earleir, than the Norwegian drillers pay 70% tax to the Norwegian govt. Without that money, the $1 trillion won’t last that long.

I praise all the Norwegian people. Norway excited long before oil was discovered and Norway will always be a rich country because they are clean people that care for the well being of their off springs. Norway has a lot of hydro power to generate electricity and even sell it to other countries. I strongly support the transition to electric cars and am very happy with current rate of change and I am sure it will increase in 2015. If anyone thinks that the rate of buying internal combustion cars will go up in 2015 then he is mistaken and it will take less than 11 months for us to know that. In fact I would say that it will take 3 months for us to see the rate of change to get faster for electric cars by March (1Q).


Way to go Norway -was there 2 years ago. Beatiful country and reasonable & friedly people. A Showcase of what we could be in other countries with good politics and leadership.

It’s awesome designed for me to have a site, which is helpful in support of my know-how. thanks admin