In 2013, 8,400* Tesla Model S Sedans Were Sold in California


The Seattle Times recently presented an article focused on Tesla Model S sales in Washington, but there was a mention of California in the article that caught our eye:

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

“…compared with 7.9 out of every 10,000 in California.”

The Seattle Times is saying that, through November of 2013, 7.9 out of every 10,000 newly registered passenger cars in California were Tesla Model S EVs.

Based on preliminary estimates, there’s expected to have been about 1,063,000 passenger cars that were newly registered in California in 2013.

Using our grade school math, we arrive at a figure for sales of the Tesla Model S in California in 2013:

  • 8,398*

That’s an estimate based solely upon the accuracy of the 7.9 out of 10,000 figure provided by the Seattle Times and and preliminary estimates for passenger car sales in California.

We figure the 8,398-unit figure to still perhaps be a touch on the high side.  We’ll adjust them when California officially reports sales early next month.  Either way, a heck of a lot of Tesla Model S EVs were sold in California last year.

Source: Seattle Times

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A staggering amount for such a high priced vehicle. So much for “There’s no demand for electric cars”.

Actually demand is still relatively low. Tesla should be able increase sales in California about 200–400 %, when it receives wider acceptance among the wealthy four percent.

Wow, nice pro-EV vibe there from the journalist Monica Guzman. Very little of that “but they’re vanity-toys/not-real-cars/not-really-green/losing-value/weird” canards that you really encounter in this kind of mainstream-press article.

Refreshing to see in a right-of-center paper like the Seattle Times.

At second thought, EVs fit the Seattle Times agenda pretty well: they are the type of “pro-business” green steps they like to support (by contrast, that paper is staunchly anti-transit).

Tesla sold 17,650 Model S in the USA in 2013.

8398 would mean California bought 47.5% of Model S in the United States.

Sounds exactly right.

*MOD EDIT – Your comment has been deleted for reasons previously noted elsewhere – Strike two against you.

Well, with that name I suspect he’s looking to be a jerk.

Eric / Jay,

Any breakdown on a monthly basis for this?

That is 0.079 %. Not to discourage but this shows that a cheaper omnipotent EV+Rex vehicle is badly needed to dent in the remaining 99.921 % without compromising on range or exploding the budget.
Perhaps a Model S 40 KWh with a Rex would be an interesting option after all.

Is it 7.9 out of 10,000 or 79 out of 10,000?