Impressions From A Tesla Model 3 Performance Test Drive


Details are definitively dished.

The first pair of official Tesla Model 3 Performance reviews — one by Marques Brownlee and one by the WSJ’s Dan Neil — have been published and they were pretty great. With examples of the spiciest version of the car making its way to various Tesla stores, regular customers can now also take a ride and write up their impressions. One has done exactly that, and it’s a doozy, full of delicious details.

Writing on Reddit, user blueflash17 not only dropped enough bullet points to win a small coup, he also included some nice pictures from their excursion which we’ve embedded below. First though, let’s go over a few of the high points, shall we?

First things first: acceleration. Our raconteur begins with their impressions with one of this rocket’s strengths, likening takeoff to be less brutal than the Model S P85D and other quicker variants, but still enough to make you spit expletives. Officially pegged as 3.5 seconds from 0-to-60 miles per hour, blueflash17 says they were more impressed with pickup once it’s already rolling at speed, “50-75 on the highway feels instantaneous.

It’s well established now that the Tesla M3P is great in a straight line. But the top sports sedans it will compete against have more than one card to pull from their sleeve, so this new electric player needs a solid handling game as well. What says our protagonist about this? Well, apparently it’s “telepathically responsive” and reminded them of their old BMW E90 335i. This is high praise which even today’s best BMW  gas burners can’t live up to.

They have praise for other aspects of this spicy mid-size sedan, as well as some criticisms. For example, the ride is great, but the suspension still has some room for improvement. The white interior is nice, especially the dash, though it lacks the visual punch of the same color in the Model X. Overall, though, they seem quite pleased and comparisons with the BMW 4 series are quite telling. You can read the entire review below, as well as enjoy the accompanying photos. Enjoy!

Drove the P3D today, comparisons with a BMW 4-series from r/teslamotors

Model 3 Performance Test Drive


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Why do people keep calling it the P3D? It isn’t 3 kWh and it isn’t called that. I wish people wouldn’t be so lazy, especially when they are “reviewing” something. Model 3 Performance.

Its the performance model 3 with dual motors. P3D rolls of the tounge quite easily.

There’s no performance version without dual motor. So why not TM3P when there’s just a generic car context, M3P in a Tesla context, and simply P in M3 context..?

The pee rushes forward…

I know what it is, but it is not the car’s name. Model 3 Performance. I can understand being lazy in context of a forum and writing M3P or something, but in the context of a “review” it needs to be correct.

“ov the toungee”

Tesla stopped using the battery size in kWh with the Model 3. And I fully expect the next GEN Model S and X to drop the kWh sizes too. Maybe even before then.

You may wonder why, but the sad thing is that the US mass market views kWh the same way they viewed engines being listed in Liters instead of Cubic Inches 20 years ago. They don’t want to hear about kWh the same way car buyers didn’t want to hear about their Chevy 350 or Ford Boss 351 in liters back in the day.

What else would they want to hear? Calories? Gallon equivalents? Btu?

Your comparison doesn’t make sense. This is not about switching from one unit to another. It’s about obscuring physical properties for marketing purposes. There is a long history of tech companies in various fields attempting that. (Usually with limited success…) It has nothing to do with customers not wanting to hear the technical numbers — on the contrary.

One fish,
Two fish,
Red fish,
blueflash17, for the Tesla WIN!

What a great, well-written review!

Almost makes me want to start checking Reddit! (but no)

Sounds like a great ride.
Don’t know why people like that white interior.
At CDN $103,282 ($115,260 with enhanced autopilot and fully self driving options) taxes in and no rebate, I think I’ll see very few of these in Ontario.

As the third fastest model Tesla sells, behind the X and the S performance, you might think this car occupies a no man’s land: slower and smaller, and almost expensive as the big boy electrics above.

I think that’s a narrow minded view: it may find its niche on the track. Straight line launch performance is only part of the story.

Left-handed FUD. Post a strawman lie, then try to get people to believe the lie by mixing the lie in with the truth.

Model 3 Performance starts at $65K dollars. Substantially more affordable than S/X Performance cars.

It is almost like you don’t think anybody knows how you operate.

P100DLs cost almost twice as much.

Once again no video or foto comparison (on the road, side by side) of the Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 4GC!!
In this case he had the oportunity with is BMW 435i GC!!!
With all this Tesla Model 3 reviews why can’t i find a video or foto comparison (on the road, side by side) of the Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 3, 4GC and Audi A4, A5?

Off topic, but I just saw a white Chevy Bolt pulled over for speeding and then a white Tesla 3 cruised by. BEV’s are getting to be mainstream in northern Virginia. This may be normal for California, but it is nice to see NoVA catching up!

I would love to test drive the Model 3 even more so the Performance version. Tesla might finally win me over, the Model S was just not “European” and sporty enough.