Images Of Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model S


Spotted in Hong Kong, here’s one of the clearest looks yet at a right-hand-drive Tesla Model S.

We believed the first-ever RHD Model S will be delivered on June 7 in the UK, but apparently the RHD models are now appearing at shows and out on the open road in Hong Kong.

RHD Tesla Model S

RHD Tesla Model S

RHD Tesla Model S

RHD Tesla Model S

Source: richardlai on Twitter

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3 responses to "Images Of Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model S"
  1. Anon says:

    Looks like a Tesla from the Negaverse…

  2. Brandon says:

    So is the charge port on the right side?

    1. Mike I says:

      Nope. Charge port is still on the left. Only the important stuff like windshield wipers were reversed.