Image of Firmware Update 8.0 For Tesla Model S, X Leak Out


One lone image (see above) of Tesla’s updated Firmware 8.0 has leaked out on the German TFF forum, along with some discussions of what’s new.

See comments below for a brief overview of what’s known to be new with Firmware 8.0:

Model S and X owners will surely spot the differences. There’s likely more to come soon, but for now we’ve got only these few details on 8.0 to provide.

Tesla does say that Firmware 8.0 is “coming soon,” but the automaker isn’t committing to a release date at this point in time.

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7 Comments on "Image of Firmware Update 8.0 For Tesla Model S, X Leak Out"

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I don’t like menu Auto-Hide…hopefully there is an option in the settings to turn that off. Otherwise looking forward to the update!

“I don’t like menu Auto-Hide”


Where if it did not hide, you only have to look once then click.

Where if it did hide, you have to look, click/swipe, then look again and click again.

That’s just increases “Distracted Driving” by design.

Looks quite drab and dreary.

That should make the Mario Cart Rainbow Road even more shocking to look at, if it’s still in there…

I don’t like the grayscale at all. Wow, we have a great color screen and we are going to make everything grayscale? Tesla – what are you thinking? I really don’t like that idea one bit!

Notice it’s in “Valet Mode”. Perhaps valet mode will now disable apps, and that’s the reason they’re grayed.

Weird premise… But if true, kinda cool?

“I only show my awesome GUI Colors to my OWNER! Not some unworthy VALET DRIVER!” 😉

Would Tesla bother to implement something so global for their GUI, just because of ONE Mode being active? I kinda doubt it. *shrugs*

But seriously, the Model 3’s GUI is similarly Mono-Helvetica looking, too. This is probably what we’re going to get for a while, in terms of display graphics.

Auto hide would be unlikely in a touch system. If implemented they would need to trigger the event with something. Traditionally auto hide was used in non touch systems because a mouse would move over a piece of real estate. with touch the finger hits a location and leaves so it makes it very hard to implement.