Image Appears To Show Tesla Model 3 Range Of 271 Miles


With state of charge at around 30% and a listed range of 95 miles, we can draw some conclusions, which may or may not be accurate.

Or we can leave it to Tesla Model 3 Owners Club to draw conclusions for us:

“Careful scrutiny of the high res image indicates 271 miles / 436km of range on whatever battery pack this car has. We think it’s the 70-75kWh pack.”

That’s one take, but of course the readout is open to interpretation.

Logically, we can assume that range will be in the 260-300 mile ballpark, but it’s hard to put a more accurate guess on the actual figure.

You’ll find the original version of the image of the Model 3 interface while charging here.

Check it out then check back in with us to drop your Model 3 range guess in Comments below.

Video (below): Model 3 Owners Club discussing new Model 3 images and range speculation (from around the 7:30 mark)

Source: Tesla Model 3 Owners Club On Facebook, Reddit

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I can also get my 2013 Leaf (24 kWh) “Guess-O-meter” to show close to half, of the above 271 mi. #. And that is with less than 19 kWh of useable electrons (@100% charge) after 48 mo./ 44k mi. Tesla has a their best vehicle (Model 3), for the masses, primed and ready for launch!

0.3x=95, x=95/.3, x=316.67 (rounded).

316+ rated miles of range at 100%

Am I missing something?


you have to watch the video. It’s 270 miles at 90% and 300 miles at 100%.


What video? There’s just an image here now.

Hyperlinks, you should use them!

@ min 08:00 discussion of range and pack size begins:

Heeh, lots of discussion on this. I will add in the Trevor’s/Model 3 Owners Club discussion on the topic into the main story.

Cool. The excitement is palpable.

That’s a little more like it! Your Math calculations seem to add up! Thanks, from the “Guess-O-meter” crowd, as we are constantly plagued with Nissan never ending variables.

The mileage you see on the Tesla screen is not guess-o-meter, that number does not factor the temp or how you drives.

I came up with the same number.

95 miles at 30%, apparently there are 4 i3s in there somewhere…

..not like the Tesla is going to weigh ~2,800lbs

Jay, website really slowww

I was really hoping they’d get 230’ish out of the smaller battery, that’s about as low as I’d want to go with where I drive and the available chargers.

Looks like I’ll be paying for the 70/75 on my 3. :-/

If this is for the 75 KWH battery and it is 300, then the 65 KWH battery would be 65/75 x 300 = 260 miles. So if it is really 316 or so then around 270 for the 65. Not too shabby.

What do you mean by 65kwh battery? There will be no 65 battery!

Most likely not. Elon said <60 kWh, but that was before the Bolt EV came in at 238 miles, so it's possible Tesla tweaked the pack size upwards. Current rumor puts it at 60 kWh, but keep in mind Tesla rounds off its battery pack capacities to the nearest 5 kWh. A "60 kWh" pack could be anything from 57.50-62.49 kWh.

I’d love the base to be 65. Most rumors I’ve heard are somewhere between 55-60, more about 60. That may be enough for my needs, we’ll see. Can’t wait to see the configuration options and projected dates for AWD, etc.

I keep thinking that Tesla will continue to offer pack sizes in increments of 25.

Based on this totally uneducated guess I think the first Model 3’s will have 75kWh packs, to get the initial bragging rights over the Bolt. Once cars can be configured, I assume there will be 50kWh version with a 200’ish mile range.

indeed good to see that it looks like these early release candidates are coming with the larger pack and glass roof. My bet is the line is set up to run that way and these will be the first off the lines……

I have seen estimates from 265 up to 333 from this photo by the way

My guesses based on the photo are:

300 miles for 75 kWh battery,
250 miles for 60 kWh battery and
215 miles for a hyperthetical 50 kWh battery (if Tesla chose to to do this in future).

This is similar to my guess. I was thinking since the Bolt came out at 238mi, they would have a 60kWh software locked to 50kWh. This allows them to hit the $35k price tag at 215 miles, but the base battery could be unlocked for greater-than-Bolt-range, for a few bucks. And for the right price, most people would probably upgrade anyway.

I would guess, having sufficient range to skip to the next Supercharging Station ahead, when on a bit of a rushed road trip, would be the right range for the larger Battery.

Or it could be because they have been hypermiling/driving very slowly for testing purposes recently.

Whatever the computer in the car says is meaningless unless they have just completed running the EPA test cycle.

Everybody knows that actual range and EPA range WILL vary wildly based on the driving cycle.

No matter how much math is done on these numbers, they can never be used to project what the actual EPA rating will be.

Right. Actual range varies significantly based on average speed. If they were doing in-city, stop-and-go driving, the range would likely show significantly higher than if they were doing mostly highway driving. Trying to extrapolate EPA range rating from just a couple of data points is futile.

The Model 3 will never do less than the Bolt – straight from the Mouth (Tweet) of Elon. So 250 minimum.

Image if GM had not built the BOLT – it would have been game over. Now it is game on. Will Nissan join the party?

Well, Elon only answer “oh so little faith” when asked if the Model 3 will reach the Bolt range.
He did not said that was with the base battery.

There is too much interpretation and guesses around Elon Musk’s tweets.

280 mile range on the 70 kWh battery is about right. With most efficient Tesla S getting 3.4 miles per kWh, a 20% lighter Model 3 would get 4 miles per kWh and the 280 miles.

It would put the Model 3 55 kWh at 220 mile range, less than the Bolt.

Theres no way Tesla will offer 3 battery sizes for M3 as they have said there will be very few options, plus the increments between the battery sizes would be too small. My guess is 55 and 75 kWh with 220 and 300 miles of range.

Every Model 3 will have the same size battery pack installed but just software limited to what you purchase and if you want to buy more kWh you can do so on a per use or permanent basis.


There will be two physically different battery packs. One about 60 kwh, one about 75 kwh.

In my opinion, of course.

Since M3 is made to suit the masses Tesla cant trust enough people will get the software upgraded battery. Tesla wouldnt like giving away free battery cells. The margins are lower, the likelyhood a customer upgrades is less than for a more expensive car. The battery production will probably be the limit of how many M3 Tesla can make. etc etc

The battery pack of this car was built by hand. I wouldn’t read too much into the pre-calibrated numbers.