IKEA To Install Rapid Chargers at All Its Stores In the UK

NOV 28 2013 BY MARK KANE 10

Ecotricity charging network

Ecotricity charging network

IKEA To Install Rapid Chargers Across All Its Outlets In The UK

IKEA To Install Rapid Chargers Across All Its Outlets In The UK

IKEA recently announced that will be first retailer in UK to have electric vehicle rapid chargers at all its stores by December 2013.

All means 17. And all will be free for all customers, while energy comes all from 100% “green” electricity.

The Swedish home furnishing retailer is working with Nissan and green energy provider Ecotricity.

The press release repeatedly stresses that the charging points will be compatible with Nissan LEAF, so CHAdeMO standard is obligatory. No word on other outputs types, but in the image we see a 3-phase AC plug for Renault ZOE.

Joanna Yarrow, Head of Sustainability IKEA UK and Ireland, commented:

“At IKEA we believe Electric Vehicles have a significant part to play in a more sustainable future. We know that our customers want to live more sustainably and that extends to how they get to and from our stores. By installing more charging points and strengthening the infrastructure nationally, we believe we can start to tackle one of the major barriers to using electric cars which is the fear of not finding a convenient place to charge the car.”

IKEA chargers will be part of the Ecotricity’s Electric Highway. Nissan alone has already installed 97 rapid chargers across the UK.

Jim Wright, managing director of Nissan Motor GB stated:

“Growing the rapid charging network in the UK is absolutely crucial to the uptake of zero emission vehicles. “Nissan pioneered the electric vehicle market with the introduction of its best-selling LEAF, and now we are working hard to lead the way with the UK’s rapid charging network. We are delighted to be at the helm of a joint venture with Ecotricity and IKEA that will see more free-to-use rapid chargers go online, enabling thousands more motorists to enjoy all-electric mobility.”

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, remarked:

“The Electric Highway is fast becoming vital to the electric car revolution. We began by installing fast-chargers on core motorways to enable electric vehicles to be driven on long journeys, and we are now including key destinations, of which IKEA are the first. Our vision is to be able to travel the length and breadth of the country in an electric car.”

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Extend that commitment to the US please! Love to even see L2 chargers at the Ikea in Minnesota, quick chargers would be even better!

Charger at Ikea Croydon seems very smart – there is 43 wk ac charger for Zoe and germans with mennekes connection ,on the same structure (on the other side) you can find chademo for Leaf and I-mievs(ions and c-zeros) .The there is separate 6,6 kw SAE (old style) for and socket for mennekes(though I am not too sure on this as it was 4 months ago when I have seen it) Anywey ,it really looked like ecotricity covered all bases with this charger setup – perfect place along a23 – for me this means much shorter detour on my way to London – instead of driving through the sticks to get to clacket lane for rapid charge I can fly from Brighton striaght to london.Really,really well done – also new charger at Pease pottage will help a lot.

Good thing to see more QC build around the world. But I’m questioning the choice of the free fare. It can be fine for a few years, but I hope stores won’t start to give free electricity to all their car driver customers. That would be a dramatic transfer of money between those who own a car versus those who prefer public transit. You will tell me that nobody goes to Ikea without a car : but those you shop online don’t get free delivery paid by everyone, so why free electricity?

I think this being baked into the cost of the goods is perfectly fine. Because, in reality it is a tiny amount of money for ikea to worry about. This is ikea after all… My local store has an empty warehouse they use as covered parking. That’s not cheap. So I seriously doubt few extra kilowatts will change the price of a Billy bookcase…

And good luck getting your Billy bookcase home on the subway.

I don’t understand this line of thinking. Businesses will offer whatever perks they want to gain customers. There’s a lot of overhead at the stores, that becomes part of the prices of the goods, but not everyone takes advantage of everything. If you don’t, that’s your prerogative. That’s also called life.

Every time i’m at Ikea of Seattle (Renton/Tukwila) at least 2 out of the 4? chargers are being used. They could really use more level 2, and a few quick chargers for the leafs that are coming in from the outer suburbs or Olympia/Everett ares.

Private heroes doing the work that the moronic governments should have done long ago.

I would like to see this policy of providing L2 charge stations extended to the whole U.S.

Looks like there’s 38 IKEA stores in the US. Not sure how many of them already have chargers.


OK Ikea North America . . . your move.