IKEA Going All Electric With Fleet Vehicles, Installing Chargers At Every Store

SEP 24 2017 BY MARK KANE 25

Four ABB multi-standard fast chargers installed at IKEA Oslo

IKEA has announced it intends to switch its entire transportation and infrastructure to electric vehicles over the next ~decade, at all 355 stores, over 30 markets.

Ikea has been installing charging stations at its stores for year (50/50 if the ones pictured still work)

The Swedish furniture chain has always been a first mover towards electrification, having already taken many proactive steps surrounding the EV charging infrastructure years ago, and now the Swedish company seems to again be raising the bar of sustainability to the ultimate level.

Not only will IKEA’s own vehicles at the department stores and offices be electrified, but also the home deliveries vehicles (that belong to third parties) are to be electrified. 

IKEA Head of Sustainability Pia Heidenmark-Cook said:

“The initiative concerns our own vehicles at the department stores and offices, but it also includes the partners who take care of our home deliveries. Moreover, we will install charging pods at all department stores to encourage both our employees and customers to switch to electric vehicles,”

“We are also looking at the possibility of investing in companies that promote the transition towards electric cars, or entering long-term partnership to show that this is important,”

source: Business Insider Nordic, hat tip to Brian R!

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I believe, IKEA is the first to expand their move to EV’s – Beyond their Own In House Vehicles, to contract vehicles that do Deliveries for them! I might be wrong – or a bit behind, but it seems I have not heard of this extensive a reach by any other.

I suppose Tesla will be the First ‘Customer’ of the Tesla Semi, but I now wonder – if IKEA will also be one of the Tesla Semi Customers (Or – maybe even a development Consulting Party!)?

Maybe also – IKEA will get behind the Mercedes eTruck as well:


That Said, I wonder if there will be a Utility Van Variant of the Tesla Model X Line, developed, as well? 100 kWh and 250 Miles Range should do just about right! Doesn’t need 155 Mph tops Speed – 90 Mph would be fine, and the changed Gearing could give it a good Hauling Capacity!

Another Euro point of view

Congratulations Robert !! You just managed to mention Tesla 4 times in an Article about IKEA installing ABB charging stations. YESSS !! 😉

Tesla, Teslsa, Teslsa, that’s all I hear from this guy. I went to Ikea in Columbus Ohio and they have 4 stalls there for EVs, next time I’m down there I’m taking my Volt

I was going to change my volt at Ikea Canton Michigan… Until I did the math. I believe a full charge would work out to be something like 9 or $10.

Volt with just over 3kw Hargrove, takes twice as long (or more) and there costs twice as much as vehicles with 7kw chargers… At least when they price is time based.

I was going to change my volt at Ikea Canton Michigan… Until I did the math. I believe a full charge would work out to be something like 9 or $10.

The Volt, with just over 3kw charger, takes twice as long (or more) and therefore costs twice as much as vehicles with 7kw chargers… At least when they price is time based.

Ha! I also had a post with three other trucks mention, and that seems to have been ‘Moderated’ into Oblivion – even with links to inside EV’s Stories in it! Maybe INSIDEEVS is as much pro Tesla as me, or they don’t like references to their own historical posts!

Lol, Robert.

No, nothing like that. Anything with more than 2 links is auto-held in the queue for live moderation (one of the staff has to approve before it shows – this is because ‘spam’ very, very often has multiple links and its easier to catch).

So…the post is up now (below), but its a very early Sunday AM, so it took us an ~hour to get to it.

All posts and links to relevant content (from wherever) is always appreciated…but if you want it show ‘super-fast’ just link 2, then reply to your own post with the next one, (=

Why don’t you guys drop the Hammer on some of these clowns, like the poster below.

My Legion of “Tesla Trolls”:

..oh sorry the poster with all the teslas was just making fun of the clowns.

Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla is still the only car company moving fast forward making genuine efforts toward cleaner air and a stable climate.
All other car companies have no ethic/morality/decency, putting profits before the living creatures survaval.

Another Euro point of view

You won the Tesla count ! 🙂 🙂

You are awarded 5 declassed VW 2.0 TDI engines…

That’s hardly accurate, not even remotely correct, and indicative of merely reflexive responses, without thought, that are portrayed by you and your ilk as reasonable views, and has resulted in sections of threads that are merely pejorative and not informative in the least.

Robert’s a long time contributor and works in the ev industry, and understands it deeply.

The first significant large logistic fleet operations have already been initiated by Deutsche Post DHL, they bought up the StreetScooter electric startup and ramped up the production of the electric delivery vehicles. Hermes ordered electric Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, which are to be delivered next year.

Another Euro point of view

We have charging stations at Ikea’s around where are live for at least 5 years now. I had a look at ABB website to figure which type of charging stations they are selling. Mostly 50Kwh thus “fast” charging I would say. Making further researches about ABB I came to realize they have 140’000 employees ! Geez…not bad for a company I didn’t even really know it existed.

The charging at the Wednesbury UK store never works. The wife frequently makes us go there and EVs pull up only to leave five minutes later when they give up.

Good for IKEA, but the article is a bit misleading:
1) It implies IKEA is switching its entire fleet — not so, they’re talking 30 markets out of 51 globally.
2) The timeline isn’t mentioned in the article… IKEA is planning this to be a gradual project, completing in _2030_, so nothing very soon.

The new IKEA in St Louis Missouri didn’t have any charging when I was there a couple of months ago. Also the store is very difficult to use my wife’s handicap scooter in the way the aisles are arranged. Hopefully they will make some changes to be more handicap accessible as well as EV usable.

Go look at your nearby IKEA stores via satellite maps or fire up your drone (if permitted). Their roofs are now covered in solar panels.

Not so much with Tesla facilities. 🙁

Good news, but going with Blink for chargers at some locations (e.g. Burbank store in California) is a terrible choice given Blink’s horrid track record of non-service and equipment failures.

Ikea has chargers at a store near me (store in Emeryville, CA). They charge $.50 or $.60 per kwh. This price means $.15 to $.20per mile.

A gasoline prius costs about $.06 to $.07 per mile on our (expensive compared to most of U.S.) $3.00 gasoline here. Ikea gets away with this because of the extreme innumeracy of many people including EV drivers. I explained this to a Tesla driver charging there; he had no clue, but unplugged when informed.

The cost of electricity DOES matter and efficiency as well as range are important when when considering an EV

A Prius is an exceptionally efficient gasoline car. A Tesla sized car would be more like $.10 to $.15 per mile. Ikea is still more expensive, but not enough to care if you need it.

Most public chargers are expensive, so that’s not exactly unusual. If you want a good price, charge at home. These convenience chargers are really just a backup in case you’re running low, or you really need to strech your range. In either of those situations they’re worth the extra cost.

I’ve got two IKEA’s near me, I look forward to seeing chargers at both of them, some day.

I’d only charge there if I was in a tough bind and had to juice up.

Otherwise, for many places, they charge by time. Maybe $1.5/hr at the local mall. With a level 2 charger, that’s a lot cheaper than Ikea. Some private places charge $1/hr.

In Santa Monica, parking inside the garage costs money, but charging is free.

So seriously, there are so many options out there. I doubt folks will want to charge at Ikea for those prices.