If “Mad Max” Had EVs – Video

MAY 22 2016 BY JAY COLE 15

Ever wondered how the 1979 Australian dystopian action fiction film – Mad Max would have turned out if electric vehicles were the norm?

Mad Max Tribute - EV Style

Mad Max Tribute – EV Style

Probably not…yet thanks to “a video commissioned by the Pacific Arts Movement for the launch of SDG&E’s #PowerYourDrive Electric Vehicle campaign” here it is regardless.

Our next question?  How did they get their hands on a rare Scion iQ electric (an EV Toyota once said they would build thousands of) and then get it out into the desert for filming?

Only 91 of the Toyota’s were made, a ~third of which ultimately found a home performing car sharing services on the US west coast (in the Bay area).

Film Credits:

Director: Roman Cortez
Producer: Daniel Pico
Writer: Ildiko Fekete
Starring: Aaron Takahashi, Ilram Choi, Jake Huang
Cinematographer: Jeff Siljenberg
Aerial Drone: Adrian Zaw of Zaw Studios
1st AD: Teresa Snider
Make Up & Hair: Tessa Philbrick
Sound: Greg Gardner
Production Photos: Frank Fu
Editing, Motion Graphics, Coloring: Roman Cortez

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I saw a Scion iq recently in San Diego, and I wasn’t sure what I was looking at until got up close.

Instead of spending money on video, SDGE should work on lowering our rates. It’s now $0.40/kWh at top tier, which some of my friends routinely hit in summer. That rate will cost EV more to charge than gas at $4/gal, and worse on highway.

Solar. Perfect for shaving off top rate tiers.

They’re renting.

Not true, you get on the special EV rate for charging at night. PG&E charges us .10/kwH and there are no tiers for high usage.

Cost (before I put in 15 more solar panels) to charge the Leaf (%50 battery usage) each day was $1.30 =~ $39/mo. (less actually due to weekends)

Yeah, it’s almost like SDGE is just *begging* people to install solar panels on their roofs in sunny San Diego.

At $0.40/kwh, I wouldn’t even think twice about doing it.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Those guys can stay there. They will fit right in. Funny Video.

With a paltry 50 miles AER, they’ll have to pillage for electricity a bunch of times to get from San Diego to Las Vegas and back. No wonder they’re sleeping on the ride back.


Well, it is a sarcastic fantasy. Funnier would’ve been showing it getting passed by Tour de France bicyclist while getting charged.

If Max had EVs he would have solar panels to charge them.

An EV version of Mad Max would be top of my most-ruined-movie-of-all-time list (-:
Gratuitous violence aside, the most notable thing about the movie is the raw portrayal of ICEs. You can virtually smell the stench of smoke, petrol and hot oil in the desert.

I never understood why they are riding in big rigs if Oil is so scarce!

It’s an action film; thinking about it is counter-productive. If you actually think about how much gas they burn driving around looking for a few gallons of gas to steal…

But hey, “The Road Warrior” (sequel to the original “Mad Max”) is one of my all-time favorite films. It just requires a modicum of of suspension of disbelief. 🙂

Interesting that that solar car race is across Australia, home of Mad Max. Because it’s a great place for a solar car to average 55mph for most of the day.

Now I’m picturing this thing, with panels across a flat top:

Something like this thing, scaled up 100 times:

“Ever wondered how the 1979 Australian dystopian action fiction film – Mad Max would have turned out if electric vehicles were the norm?”

Funny you should ask, since I’ve been thinking that exact thing for a long time. Electricity is easy to make. Gas? Not so much. Especially when the world is running low on the stuff.