Number Of Plug-In Electric Vehicles On Roads Now Over 2 Million – IEA

JUN 7 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

The International Energy Agency has released its new Global EV Outlook 2017 report on the occasion of two million (passenger) plug-in electric vehicles being sold worldwide – which was actually reached at the end of 2016.

2017 Nissan LEAF

As it turns out, more than 95% of those cars were sold in just 10 countries:

  • China – 648,770
  • United States – 563,710
  • Japan – 151,250
  • Norway – 133,260
  • Netherlands – 112,010
  • UK – 86,420
  • France – 84,000
  • Germany – 72,730
  • Sweden – 29,330
  • Canada – 29,270
  • Others 87,480

Yet those two millions still represent just 0.2% of total number of cars in the world.

Prepare yourself for some charting Nirvana!

Electric car stock (BEV and PHEV) by country, 2005-16 (thousands) (source: IEA)

Electric cars (BEV and PHEV), new registrations by country, 2005-16 (thousands) (source: IEA)

Electric cars (battery electric and plug-in hybrid), market share by country, 2005-16 (source: IEA)

Publicly accessible charging stations (source: IEA)

According to the IEA, sales should reach 9-20 million by 2020 and 40-70 million by 2025.

Deployment scenarios for the stock of electric cars to 2030 (source: IEA)

More insights and comparisons can be found here: International Energy Agency: Global EV Outlook 2017 – Two million and counting

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Sorry, Mark: you are about to receive a GIANT chorus of boos because as every good EV fan knows the IEA only publishes FUD stuff that favors oil.

Wait… I forgot. That’s only if the IEA reminds us that China’s withdrawal from coal is very slow or that India has a long way to go and that the primary growth in electrical generation in India is from caol. THAT’s when IEA (and EIA) are big fat meanies.

No, otherwise this is good data.

IEA’s data is accurate. You’d have to have delusions of Trumpian proportions to question them. The 0.2% of cars on the road is correct shows us that government policy needs to be much more aggressive if we are going to replace the 1.2B cars on the road with EV’s or other nonpolluting vehicles by 2050. The science deadline for reducing green house gases by 80% over 2000 levels.

Real fans of EV’s don’t deny the facts, they use them to lobby for policies to sell more EV’.

IEA are good at showing what has happened. But they are generally very poor at predicting what will happen, especially when trends are turning.
Some areas they handle better than others. In this case it is just about how ambitious they are, the most likely error is that the growth in sales is underestimated.

Well said!

All plugin vehicles crossing 2 million mark is 1 achievement, and in that the electric vehicles crossing 1 million mark and gaining bigger share is another big achievement. This will accelerate with the launch of Model-3 and Leaf Gen-2.

Certainly, as more compelling, and less expensive evs come to market they will continue to erode the predominance of ice.
By 2050 the only people driving them will be collectors.

Well, Trump and his team seem to be working very much against ice.

And I agree, it could be that by 2050 all ice will be in the hands of collectors, or children.

In 2005 only around 1370 electric cars were on the roads worldwide and in 2016 over 2 million electric cars. That is an increase by around 150000%. Seems promising to me for the next few years. Even from 2015 to 2016 we have an increase of almost 65%. That is a good growth. At the end of this year we should have around 3,3 million electric cars worldwide. Still a small number compared to fossil cars but it is the beginning of something bigger.

Will be interesting if/when we ever get an electric truck. That’s 1/2 of the sales in the US.

What we will witness in the next 5 years is a self-reinforcing phenomenon:
+ % number of new electric cars will go up at an accelerating pace due to operating costs
+ car ownership in urban areas will go down, ICE popularity even faster
+ ICE car retail/aftermarket value decreases faster
+ Infrastructure to support ICEs decreases as a result (gas stations, maintenance shops)
+ car companies forced to abandon ICEs for urban markets
+ electric car is easier to make than an ICE so expect number of companies surfacing ones a major battery provider gets the lines operational

Yup here in CA, the world leader for EV adoption, that is exactly what I am seeing – NOT!

Sorry, but the world leader is Norway! About 5% of Norweagian cars on the road are plug-in and the market share in 2017 has been hovering about 40%. Ahead of my dear California by a wiiide margin,

I seem to remember that OPEC had a 2016 report predicting 1.5 million EVs in 2020.

Pretty obvious that these estimates are derived to fool investors rather than inform a general audience. Seems like the old adage of “follow the money” should be applied to any analysis. After all, in the private sector, who would pay an analyst to spend time producing information you would share with the public? These guys aren’t running a charity.

2 millions is almost nothing…

The world NEW car sales is over 80 million per year.

If it took us about 7 years to get 2 million, then it is truly a shame.