IDTechEx: Electric Vehicles A Future $533 Billion Business


Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S. All-Electric Vehicle.

IDTechEx's sales graph.

IDTechEx’s sales graph.

According to IDTechEx, analysis shows that the electric vehicle business will cap at $533 billion dollars in 2025.

You surely already know that electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are on the rise for obvious reasons, among them being a huge cut in operating cost and in emissions… It’s a win-win to go electric.

With loads of plug-ins becoming available on the market, there’s now becoming an EV to fit most anyone’s needs.

Some obscure examples of why plug-ins on the rise include: China auto manufacturers producing 11-times more plug-ins than in 2014 than in 2013; China’s devotion to purchasing electric buses; Canadian mining companies wanting electric trucks; more motorcycle makers committing to producing all-electric bikes; and so on.

“IDTechEx are the only analysts forecasting 37 categories of electric vehicles. Recent examples are e-motorcycles and car-like Micro EVs homologated as quadricycles in Europe, including e-rickshaws and e-tuktuks for emerging nations.” -IdTechEx.

Check out IDTechEX’s Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities, which provides a bit more info with graphs.

Source: IDTechEx.

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Hybrids are irrelevant. Only pure electrics have zero emissions.
Hybrids are a way to perpetuate the use of ICEs just as ethanol. Greenwashing.