IDIADA Accredited As First Certification Body For CHAdeMO Protocol In Europe

MAR 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 4

Nissan LEAF CHAdemo charging

Nissan LEAF CHAdemo charging

CHAdeMO Association officialy announced its first European accredited certification organisation – Applus+ IDIADA, which has a testing facility in Barcelona, Spain.

This means that fast charging developers and manufacturers can now call Applus+ IDIADA for certification instead of asking a Japanese unit. The possibility of third party certification is one of things that to date was lacking in the CHAdeMO protocol, but after opening the standard via IEC, everything is starting to change.

“CHAdeMO charging protocol for DC fast chargers can now be certified by third party organisations. Applus+ IDIADA is the first certification body in Europe to be accredited by CHAdeMO Association for both 0.9 and 1.0 CHAdeMO processes. This is an important step in the Association’s history, as it demonstrates the maturity of its technology with established certification criteria that are conducted by third-party certification bodies as well as its readiness to accommodate a greater number of requests for charger certification in a speedy manner.”

CHAdeMO Association added that now there are over 3,600 CHAdeMO chargers, over 40 charger manufacturers and more than 136,000 EVs that can use them worldwide.

Idiada’s EV simulator

Idiada’s EV simulator

Beside IDIADA, there are other organizations in Japan and Taiwan, which were registered. Who knows, maybe soon the U.S. will get its first accredited certification organization.

“Feedbacks from these users, charger operators and manufacturers have been continuously incorporated in the quality and certification process of the CHAdeMO technology in the past five years. While CHAdeMO is proud of its impeccable record of reliability and safety of the CHAdeMO certified chargers, all the certification tests of CHAdeMO chargers were conducted by a small team of the Association based in Japan, which posed a constraint in its capacity. CHAdeMO Association has been working on establishing a more sustainable and expandable third-party certification process, and announced to its members last month that five organisations were registered as the official CHAdeMO certifying bodies: Applus+ IDIADA (Spain), Intertek (Japan), TERTEC (Taiwan), TUV Rheinland Japan (Japan), and UL Japan (Japan).”

“With this, charger manufacturers can now select one of the above registered certifying bodies, while the
certification technical group of CHAdeMO Association, in collaboration with the registered certifying bodies,
concentrates on quality control and updates of the test specifications. This will ensure faster CHAdeMO
charger certifications, in preparation for the acceleration of EV uptake.”

Applus+ IDIADA on its side built an in-house EV charging simulator, which is an automatic evaluation system that strongly appealed to the Japanese.

“Applus+ IDADA, the first European certification body accredited to perform the CHAdeMO certification
process, conducts their protocol tests at their Technical Centre near Barcelona, Spain. Their experts have
developed an in-house EV charging simulator: a compact testing machine with an excellent user interface
that can, thanks to the automatic evaluation system, efficiently run all the required test patterns to validate
the reactions of a fast charger according to the CHAdeMO specifications. This simulator can test both the
control patterns and the communication protocols of a fast charger. Given the spacious workshop, it is also
capable of hosting a connection test with a car inside the workshop.”

Klaus Kersting, Product Manager for EV/HEV Powertrain at Applus+ IDIADA stated:

“the electric vehicle is a reality, and at IDIADA we have to be at the forefront of all EV technologies in order to fulfill our clients’ requirements.”

CHAdeMO Association’s Takeshi Haida, Accreditation Program Technical Manager, after having evaluated the premises and the testing procedure of Applus+ IDIADA’s simulator lab commented that the CHAdeMO Association was:

“pleased to confirm that the quality of the EV simulator as well as the competence of IDIADA’s staff prove satisfactory for CHAdeMO certification.”

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Thanks Mark!
Even though they entered the party from their presence in Japan, I find it interesting and very positive to also see in this list all the big guys: UL (US), TÜV Rheinland (Germany) and Intertek (UK).

[To clarify, what I meant to convey above in parenthesis wasn’t that UL US and the others are certifying bodies, but where all those respective companies are headquartered.]

Now, I wonder how long till I can get a Chademo attached to at 10kWh battery pack (skip the inverter) at my house…

Well, I was also dreaming of charging my Leaf directly with solar, as I felt it was kinda stupid to go from DC to AC back to DC. I quickly realized however that the efficiency gain would be minimal (I have a 98% efficient SolarEdge inverter), so it’d be much cheaper and simpler for me to either do nothing, or just slap another panel or two and call it a day.

I realize that your situation is different, you’d be going from battery to battery, so if you need this to be as direct and/or as fast as possible, and you don’t mind paying for it, here are two options I know of:

Commercial products, certified and all:

Lower output, but MUCH cheaper, DIY option (soon):