Sleek ICONIQ Seven Electric Minivan Debuts In Pebble Beach – Videos

AUG 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 15

ICONIQ Motors presented its interesting, all-electric MPV – ICONIQ Seven from Pebble Beach Concours D’Elégance’s Monterey Car Week.



ICONIQ Motors, a Chinese company, has been working on the project since 2014 together with automotive partners – W Motors (the first developer of high performance luxury sports cars in the Gulf) from Dubai, Magna International and Studiotorino from Italy.

Despite the live debut, many details on the ICONIQ Seven remain scarce (don’t try to google it as you will likely just get Hyundai IONIQ stories with slight mis-spellings in them).

Does it goes 50 miles on a charge or 500? Who knows. But it is one of the sexiest minivans we have ever seen (if there is such a thing)…although we could probably do without the “neon” under the car – it isn’t 1985 anymore.

One cool feature for the boxy MPV are the rear view cameras replacing mirrors.

“Since 2014, we brought together some of the leading companies in the automotive industry to develop one of the most exciting all-electric vehicles in the market – a combination between intense work and cutting-edge expertise.

We believe that an MPV can be an attractive and desirable car. The ICONIQ SEVEN is living proof of it, a true milestone in the future of electric mobility.

The Future is Now.”









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“One of the sexiest minivans we have ever seen”. Just goes to demonstrate that “sexy” is entirely subjective. I find the tall slab sides with tiny greenhouse look incredibly ill proportioned, and the detailing tacky and dated. It possesses all the aesthetic integrity of a late 20th century portable radio/cassette player. But Hey, Vive la difference!

Pebble Beach seems a very odd venue to introduce a Chinese minivan concept, and the lack of technical detail is highly disappointing as well. Makes Faraday Future look credible, which is no small feat.

This! Although I’m not overtly enamored of the Model X’s overall styling, it’s a veritable(at least I can look out of the window) greenhouse compared to this thing!?

Chinese Sexy & Real World Sexy…….A WORLD APART!

The small and high glass area would make it hard to children to see out the windows. But would it make the bus lighter to have more door and less glass?

That’s looks just ugly.

-1 Design is good looking and innovative. Does it have to look like a Dodge Caravan? Or is it only because it’s not ‘murican?

I like the looks of the front end, but the blue light would not be legal in my state.

Well it does look Chinese. Or a western design by a ten-year old. How to tell??

The minivan target audience are the last ones who will buy a car just because it looks sexy with no detail specs. And I don’t really see this as “sexy”

Annoying video but the car is pretty nice.

It’s interesting that they went with camera-based rear view mirrors yet have two huge wind catchers in the front.

The camera mirrors reduce frontal area.

Short window height on the side of the van will limit sales further in North America. This needs a few more tweaks (Neon Gone) before it can compete in the N.A minivan segment. Needs at least 150 mile range, if and “WHEN” it becomes available for the consumer market here in California.
This could be an Uber/Lyft type market entrant at the outset. No specs, so it probably is a 2020 N.A. launch, at the earliest. Vaporware extraordinaire or Far off Faraday Future competitor? This will probably ride on the coat tails of Faraday Future.

Definitely the best looking minivan ever, but I agree there’s too much talking, we need it on the road.

Ugly!! 🙂

Some extra bits from Studiotorino website:

“ICONIQ e il suo primo modello Seven, é una iniziativa di Mr Alan Wu e Mr Sam Fu il cui obiettivo è creare un esclusivo MPV di lusso a trazione elettrica.
Con il completo supporto ingegneristico di Magna e il design di W Motors, Studiotorino é stato “advisor tecnico” per MAGNA STEYR Italia per i soli lavori inerenti al modello di stile.”

Or by Google Translator:

“ICONIQ and its first model Seven, is an initiative of Mr. Alan Wu and Mr. Sam and the objective of which is to create an exclusive luxury MPV with electric drive.
With complete engineering support for Magna and design of W Motors, Studiotorino was “technical advisor” for MAGNA STEYR Italy only for the work included in the style template.”