Iceland Joins High Market Share EV Club In August at 3.7%


Model S appeared in Iceland

Model S appeared in Iceland

In August, the electric vehicle market share in (or is it on Iceland?) Iceland exceeded 3% for the first time ever, which puts Iceland in that rare high EV market share club with Norway.

Typically, Iceland sees its EV market at above 1%, but over 3% is remarkable.

According to official statistics of registrations of new vehicles, Mitsubishi lead the way with 12 i-MiEVs sold, which is almost 2.8% of the entire passenger vehicle market and #9 on Iceland’s overall sales chart. Wow!!!

Second place in the EV category goes to the Nissan LEAF with 3 registrations and third place to the Tesla Model S with 1 registration.

The total market share of 16 EVs with 429 passenger vehicles sold in total seems to be 3.7%.

When will the US top that mark?

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Wait a sec – Iceland get’s the Model S right now? *envy*

And more Model S are on the way, so expect Iceland to appear more often on the news

This most likely will be the first place where electric cars can get 5% and 10% market share in that taking a 200 mile trip would be fairly rare in this county. And if you had to a good system of DC fast chargers could really make this county accessible to large numbers of EV’s. Also this county would be a good place to study how much EV’s drop gas imports do to it being a small island with a small population of cars.