Iceland Ends 2013 With Near 1% EV Market Share; Tesla Model S Tops EV Sales Chart in December


It's not necessarily the snow that diminishes range, but cold temps do.

Nissan LEAF

Iceland is the first country that revealed all of its data on electric car registrations in December and for the whole of 2013.

The last month of 2013 ended with Iceland recording just 8 EV registrations, but this was enough for EVs to secure over 2.2% market share for the month.

With 72 EVs sold in 2013, out of total automobile sales of only 7,635, EVs grabbed 0.94% market share for the year.

There were some months in Iceland when EV registrations surged to Norway-like levels of several percent market share like in August.

In December, the best selling EV in Iceland was the Tesla Model S with 5 units and over 1.4% market share.  5 units placed the Model S #20 overall on Iceland’s passenger vehicle sales chart.  A total of only 8 Model S sedans were delivered in Iceland in2013.

The 2013 EV sales leader in Iceland was the Nissan LEAF with 29 units sold.  LEAF sales in December were just 2.

Both the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the plug-in version of the Toyota Prius had 13 registrations YTD, the Chevy Volt just 4, Citroen C-Zero 3 and Opel Ampera 2.

There is a huge probability that in 2014, the EV market share in Iceland will reach several percent.

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The Netherlands didn’t do too shabby: 1195 Tesla’s.
Details here:

This is good. Tesla had 1.5 % market share in December and 1.0 % share in November. This can be compared to Porsche’s market share that was 0.03 %.

Porsche may be first victim that will collapse when Tesla ramps up production. Expecting 40 % drop of Porsche’s market capitalization in 2014.

….or an all electric Porsche.

I am very impressed by Tesla and in particular its deals with major automakers but really I think Porsche could match (and probably better) the model S. I’ll wait and see how the 2 plug-in Porsche’s do before I start suggesting the end of that particular brand. IMO Tesla is more of a threat to Aston, Jag or the Italian sports car makers as they show little sign of moving with the times.

At least we can say that this place won’t reach 2% market share by 2040. I wouldn’t be shocked if EV sales grew to 2% to 3% of sales in California right now in 2013.

Iceland’s electricity is powered by geothermal, so EVs in Iceland are running on volcanic power.

Most of Iceland’s electricity comes from hydropower. Geothermal is a strong second, however.