Ice Bucket Challenge Featuring Renault Zoe

3 years ago by Electric CarsTV 5

Video link to Ice Bucket Challenge featuring Renault Zoe

Wet Zoe

Wet Zoe

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5 responses to "Ice Bucket Challenge Featuring Renault Zoe"

  1. Anderlan says:

    That was pretty silly. I was expecting a drive up to a receding Alpine glacier to get a thousand gallons of ice water to highlight the fight for energy transition and against ALS in one spot.

  2. Nix says:

    Charity becomes Meme becomes advertising stunt.

    I’m too jaded for the internet….

    1. Surya says:

      I wish they’d invent something similar with the goal of raising awareness of water scarcity.

      But I thought this was reasonably funny

  3. Kalle says:

    And how much did they donate?

  4. What can potentially go wrong when pouring a bucket of water on a car?