i-MiEV Caught Up In Mitsubishi Fuel Economy/Emissions Scandal Too?


Nissan DAYZ and Mitsubishi eK

Nissan DAYZ and Mitsubishi eK


2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

New reports show that ten models from Mitsubishi Motor Corporation’s line were recently tested for fuel economy using a test that is not complaint with Japan’s regulations.

Models included were the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Outlander, RVR, and the Pajero sport utility vehicle.

Sources confirm that the company is set to compile data related to the matter and the Japanese testing standards, and bring it forward to the transport ministry.

Mitsubishi performed a test used in the United States that is a time saver, however it is not approved for use in Japan. The test takes into account air and tire resistance.

Using this test reportedly upped the fuel economy numbers by five to ten percent on the eK Space and the eK wagon. Nissan models including the DAYZ and DAYZ Roox were similarly boosted. Mitsubishi confirmed that 10 or so models, dating all the way back to 2002, have undergone the same testing method including the all-electric i-MiEV. Reports showed that over 600,000 current vehicles are a product of these test results.

Although Mitsubishi insists that the fuel economy numbers are not noticeably affected, the situation seems to be turning into another automaker trust scandal. It is being reported that the company is accused of tampering with data to make it look like four of its minicars have greater fuel efficiency than is actually true.

Currently, The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is investigating the matter and looking into a Mitsubishi technology center in hopes for more answers.

Source: Kyodo News

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oh good maybe a used i-miev can be had for 4k now.

I’d buy one for $4k!

I wouldn’t.

I might buy one for $1000. A nice go-kart would set you back that amount anyway.

$4 K or Less ! L 0 L

Even uglier than the Leaf

almost threw up when I saw one of these the other day

Tell me about it. It was so ugly I tore the eyes out of my skull with my fingers and went on a rampage!

Actually, I don’t think it looks bad.

It’s even funnier when you are German and Mief means old smelly bad air ­čÖé

So can you Trump out some mief?

If Mexico pays for it..

Would that change the range or just the MPGe number?

And why even lie about the MPGe number of an EV?

Well, there are quite a few drivers on the Miev forum that use higher tire pressures to gain range, so in that respect it isn’t so widely off ­čÖé

Anyhow, I’m happy with mine, it does what it’s supposed to and the passengers in the rear have more legroom and a better seating position then the Peugeot 206 diesel I had before.

The biggest problem with the Miev is the heater, it’s awful, it was before manufacturers realised that heat pumps existed. It’s also glaring that none of the heater pipes and reservoir is insulated at all.


(See Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.)

My i-MiEV consistently beat its EPA range estimates. I was able to get 85 miles of range every day without hypermiling (but driving in “B” mode all the time). I would say the testing was actually quite conservative.