“I Made The Switch” – Portrait Of An EV Taxi Driver: Jeju Island, South Korea

MAY 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

In latest episode of “I Made The Switch”, the Renault-Nissan Alliance presents a portrait of an EV taxi driver, ChangHo Kim, on the environmentally friendly Jeju Island, South Korea.

I made the switch

I made the switch

ChangHo Kim has been driving the SM3 Z.E. (South Korean version of the Renault Fluence Z.E.) for about a year and appreciate silence and acceleration.

Despite its not-so-great reception in Europe, the SM3 Z.E. is actually one of best selling EV in South Korea with over 1,350 put on the roads so far (1,043 in 2015).

“ChangHo Kim drives an electric taxi on Jeju Island, a popular tourist destination just off the southern coast of South Korea famous for its natural beauty. Several parts of the island have been designated UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites. Mr. Kim is a big fan of EVs and believes electric vehicles will become popular in Korea thanks to the island, which aims for all vehicles on its roads to be electric by 2030. Watch this video for more.”

Samsung Motors SM3 Z.E.

Samsung Motors SM3 Z.E.

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Jeju island seems to push EV. Lots of subsidy there.


It makes so much sense for islands, which are often tourist destinations. One the one hand fuel costs more to import, and no emissions adds to the attractiveness of the destination, or perhaps better, does not detract from the experience.


Why only at south Korea , I think that Renault should produce upgrade kit to all the fluence Zenny including about 2000 cars at Israel Denmark France England Spain that are suffering from cars and batteries that are becoming unusable after 2 yesrs


Sad for this driver, he do not know what happens with the first 2011-2014 drivers… The batteries got to 9-14kwh, the cars range is 70-90km, they have to drive on 70-80km/h on the highway or rhe get stuck !


I with hope korean fluence faith will be diffrent than the israeli fluence that is abendond and fogoten by renault.

Moshe Calderon

Korea car industry should be admired. Unlike Renault who left the owners of the Fluence ze with dieting batteries, Sumsang manufacture the SM3 with upgraded battery. I hope that some day it will be possible to import and install the SM3’s battery into our Fluence ze


Hello, I have Renault Fluence Ze model 2012 about 4 years, i’m very satisfied a car, but not from Carasso service here in Israel.
The Batteries of a car are fading and we are losing range. Carasso not respecting warrenty and not replace batteries any more in this way they defy customers . I’m not recommened a Carasso service and Renault cars!!!


I want an electric Jeepney. O-O, Talaga.


Now make the switch to a autonomous taxi and sit at home.


The future not so bright for batteries of Renault Fluence ZE in Israel and Renault refuses to take responsibility .


If the Nissan-Renault alliance would care for its customers regardless of race, creed, gender, or geographic location, it would regain its good reputation, and of course increase its sales. About one thousand Fluence ZE drivers in Israel are being neglected by Renault, who now has announced its refusal to honor its own warrantee commitment on the battery, or even to provide new, quality batteries for sale.

Michael Rivkin

I have a Renault FLuence ZE car. Started to drive at End of June 2014. After less than 2 years the Battery dropped to 16 KW initially was 22 KW. The reduction of the distance is incredeable I can barely drive 90 KM’s between charges, this is while driving without the Air Conditioning. Karaso Renault dealer refused even to check the Battery and demands around 9000 EURO’s for a renovated one. So my world wide EV CARS FREIND, hope you won’t have those kind of difficulties with Renault Nissan EV cars at your countries.


Very sad that Renault Nissan let you down.
Keep making noise.
Some investigation from IEV wiht a good summary might help.


They should mention that sm3 supports ac 43kw charging. That was the failure of Renault, they looked at everything from their point of view. Who wants mid-driving range EV with 3.3kw charger? I’m driving courtesy leaf now (owning e-nv200 which is under repairs already, all abs system+regen brakes failed after 35k miles) with 3.3kwh charger, it’s painful after 6.6kw in e-nv200