“I Made The Switch” – Portrait Of A Nissan LEAF Owner: Junko Ishige, Tokyo


I made the switch

I made the switch

In another episode of “I Made The Switch” we meet Junko Ishige from Tokyo, who is one of 50,000+ other drivers in Japan to switch to a Nissan LEAF.

Junko bought the LEAF for herself, but quickly discovered that rabbits (she runs a rabbit hotel – who knows?) enjoy EVs too!

The ultimate rabbit transporter (and most other animals) is then another reason why you should buy an electric car (we suppose).

“Junko Ishige runs a rabbit hotel in Tokyo and uses her red Nissan LEAF to shuttle the pets to and from their owners. Ishige didn’t buy the electric car for the rabbits. But she quickly discovered that even rabbits enjoy the car’s comfortable and quiet ride.”

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I think rabbits are considered lucky in Japan as they are in many cultures. Though its more like good fortune, with some fertility roots in there too.

I didn’t know Rabbits were that popular in Japan.

Rabbit Island, Japan is overrun with feral rabbits.

The fact that there is a hotel for rabbits is actually more interesting than her experience with the Leaf!

There are rabbit hotels, because apartments forbid pets and owners still want companion animals.

“Most apartments in Japan forbid pets, so an opportunity to enjoy the company of a furry friend is a welcome one.”


Rabbit hôtel ?wtf they have way to much money to waste.

And yet billions is spent on the sports industry each year. What would you sooner hug? A rabbit or a sweaty athlete.

Yea…..What’s Up Doc?

Not sure about rabbits, but EV works great with dogs. Having fostered many dogs, they like to stick their heads out the window, and gear-less smooth acceleration keeps them happy as we pull away from traffic light.