“I Made The Switch” – Portrait Of A Nissan LEAF Owner: Diana Wilder, San Diego

MAR 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

The Renault-Nissan Alliance “I made the switch” series has arrived to San Diego, one of the EV adoption epicenters of the U.S.

The video presents the story of Nissan LEAF pioneer Diana Wilder, who bought the electric car in 2011.

All those who bought the LEAF in 2011 are among the first 10,000 U.S. customers.  Now, in early 2015, total LEAF sales have exceeded 73,000.

Diana also made use of San Diego’s sunny weather by installing photovoltaic panels.

“The Alliance sold its 200,000th electric vehicle in November 2014 – by far more than all major automakers combined. To capture what the first 200,000 owners love about their EVs, the Alliance has launched a series of videos featuring EV owners on three continents. “I Made the Switch” tells why people bought their electric vehicles and how switching to a zero-emission vehicle has changed their lives.

In our latest “I Made the Switch” EV owner video, we travel to San Diego to meet with Diana Wilder, a university administrator and proud owner of a Nissan LEAF since 2011. A committed environmentalist, Diana powers her LEAF with solar energy generated from photovoltaic panels installed at her home. Find out more here.”

Top five reasons to drive ell-electric Nissan LEAF in San Diego

Top five reasons to drive ell-electric Nissan LEAF in San Diego

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pretty good video.

Ya for San Diego!

I, like many others, made my $99 deposit on April 20, 2010, fully expecting to see a car by December 2010.

I did a local drive in San Diego’s Liberty Park (former Naval Training Center, or NTC) in October 2010, and then went to Baghdad, Iraq for some work.

I told guys there that I would be getting an electric car that went “100 miles”. They all laughed.

I didn’t get my car in December, but several other San Diego owners got them in January 2011. We have serial numbers 175 and 191 still with the original owners.

Then, the tsunami hit in March 11, 2011.

My first of two Nissan LEAFs was built March 25, 2011

Shipped via the ship Hoegh Inchon to arrive April 25, 2011 in Long Beach, California (one guy from San Diego sent a helicopter over to take pictures of a different shipment).

My San Diego dealer got it May 2, 2011, and I had it that afternoon.

Well, I am not sure how well the tree-hugger message will sell. But I do love one thing she said. I’ve been saying this a lot myself lately. I’m on the right side of history. When our future generations watch documentaries about the EV revolution and see these jackasses spreading the lies, creating laws against Tesla, etc. Which side of history are they going to be on?

It makes me feel like doing a rebuttal.

“hi I am Scott, a Republican who does not believe in the global warming scare. I drive a leaf because I have breathed LA air all my life and think we should stop sh**ing where we eat (breathe), and because we can give OPEC a heart attack. The leaf costs me nothing to drive, because I save enough money on gas to pay for the lease. I also am an electrical engineer, which means this car puts money back into my profession instead of union driven burned out hack industries back east”.

You get the idea.

I’m Lad and a recovering Republican who is also an EE and I believe that Climate Change Has been proven by our scientists and that climate change deniers are victims of the Oil Company propaganda and lies.

I purchased Leaf #669 in March 2011 and intend to drive it forever by DIY modifications.

I believe both political parties are guilty of crimes against humanity by accepting payoffs from the hydrocarbon industries to promote their lies and misdeeds of polluting the air, water, and land; and, of sending 200,000 Americans a year to early graves.

“Recovering Republican” I love it!

@Scott, I like your message, but if you replace the “tree hugger” message with a political one, it will be just as polarizing. Leave politics out of it, but by all means do talk about smog, asthma, etc.

As a Catholic, I could tell you why a good Catholic should love the Leaf (and yes the environment would be part of it – our Pope has repeatedly called for us to care for Creation for example). But would that be polarizing to anyone who isn’t Catholic? Sure. I can talk about why I love my Leaf without going into religion, and I do.

Bottom line – there are plenty of reasons for anyone who doesn’t work in the Petroleum industry to love EVs. I guess we should be telling them all.

Hi, I’m Tom…an ex LEAF owner. I got my LEAF May 9th, 2011. I drove it 42,000 miles in 3.5 years and then dumped it cuz I couldn’t stand 9 capacity bars and 70 miles of range at 45 miles per hour anymore. I became an electricity whore, looking to plug in everywhere I went… So, I bought a Tesla and It gets 250 miles at 75 miles per hour… No more electricity whore…. Thank you

Same for me, except in my case I was burning way too much gas in my Volt due to my longer commute. Hi, I’m Francisco, and I bought my first Volt out of state in March 2011. A while back I was ridiculed on this site for condemning all the EVs coming out with small batteries, and saying that I need to be able to go 100 miles at highway speeds with the heat blasting. Now I have a Tesla and I’m doing exactly that, except it’s 200 miles. And speaking of condemnation, my family would be 90% off gas entirely if there were any plug-in SUVs in America.

Model X

…still is not available


Soon doesn’t help FSJ’s family be 90% off gas today.

But I don’t blame Tesla for that. Frankly, I blame GM first and foremost, since they have the drivetrain (Voltec) that would be best in a plug-in SUV and the resources to have made it happen already if they really wanted to.


I blame GM too. They really dropped the ball hard on this one. Above, in my attempt to be brief, I left out a lot of detail about our SUV needs, and the obvious Model X exception to what I was saying. The Model X is my end game – I will have one eventually. But I really enjoyed getting back on the used market with the Model S (vs the new Volts), so it will be a while. The “other” PHEV SUV is for my wife (electric daily driver/kid hauler), and for towing the camper (long range towing capability using just a little gas occasionally). The perfect combo for us. But again, nothing on the market, thanks GM, Ford (who cancelled the PHEV Escape program), and Mitsubishi. And it will probably be more like 95-97% off gas at that point, if it ever comes.