Hyundai’s Genesis Brand Aims To Become More Tesla-Like, Multiple EVs & PHEVs Coming Soon


Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai’s luxury Genesis brand is moving forward with plans to develop at least a couple plug-in vehicles over the following four years.

Hyundai Genesis

According to reports, Genesis will focus on getting a plug-in hybrid to market by 2019. This will be followed by a pure battery-electric in 2021.

Automotive News states:

“The plug-in hybrid will enter the Genesis lineup in 2019 and the EV will follow in 2021, global brand chief Manfred Fitzgerald said last week at the Seoul Motor Show.”

Hyundai’s hopes that the addition of plug-ins to the Genesis lineup will align it to possibly compete with the likes of Tesla. We doubt this will be the case though.

As for what to expect of the PHEV and EV Genesis, Automotive News states:

“The plug-in hybrid will be based on an existing Genesis nameplate, while the EV will represent a new dedicated EV platform Hyundai Motor Group is developing, Fitzgerald said.”

Genesis GV80 Fuel Cell Concept

Hyundai also recently debuted its Genesis GV80 Plug-In Fuel Cell Concept from New York

Even better news is that a second pure electric vehicle might be added beyond 2021. Apparently, Genesis is considering two EV architectures, one for small and medium-sized EVs and the other for large EV.

There’s no word on what body type we’ll find on any of these plug-ins though, but the large architecture allows for “total liberty” in design, says Fitzgerald.

But wait, there’s more. Quoting Fitzgerald:

“We’re going to try to bring to our entire lineup electrification. So, you’ll take this step by step — a transition technology will be plug-in before you arrive at a full EV.”

And at least one Genesis EV will be designed with a specific goal…outperforming a comparable Tesla model.

Source: Automotive News

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This is what GM should do: create a catchy name brand for EV instead of bundling it with Chevy.

You are so right.

GM missed that opportunity not following Toyota with the Prius line.


Wake me up when the EV arrives.

Really, Imthink there should be a fine for every announcement that is more than 2 years in the future.

You’re probably right. After all, free speech is totally over-rated! Let’s have the imperial federal government fine anyone who says something we don’t agree with.

As long as the same applies to Tesla and their Y and pick up sure 🙂

An EV Genesis would likely be really nice. They make a very nice and comfy car. It is crazy what Hyundai used to be when I was younger (all POS’s) and what they have turned in to.

Theory: Cell prices have gotten low enough and the motor-controller market has gotten sophisticated enough so that standard hybrids almost don’t make sense. There’s great system value as your pack size gets beyond a certain size. So, just spec the bigger pack, and add a plug.

I think this is what happened with the Pacifica hybrid. This is certainly what the supercar designers have decided. Although the markets are very different, the supercar brands lead the way, and none that I know of have even considered a non-plugin hybrid with a tiny pack.

Hyundai could give everyone a run for it, the Genesis EV would be a good seller.