Hyundai To Launch New Brand For HEVs, PHEVs & EVs

NOV 9 2015 BY MARK KANE 23

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell

Many of us remember that several years ago Hyundai Motor Group  intended to split efforts for alternative drivetrains by designating Kia for BEV, and Hyundai for FCV.

Step-by-step, something is changing with the plug-in hybrid Hyundai Sonata PHEV coming soon and all new brand “AE” (tentative name) focused on HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs to be launched in January 2016.

The Korean manufacturer at first intends to introduce a new hybrid, then a plug-in hybrid and finally an all-electric model.

Hyundai hopes that the new conventional hybrid will outperform the Toyota Prius.

“According to the report, the five-door hatchback—intended to compete with the Toyota Prius—will be equipped with a 1.6-liter Kappa gasoline direct injection engine, an electric motor and transmission tailored for the hybrid models.”

It’s good news that Hyundai will not be disconnected from EVs.

source: The Korea Times via Green Car Congress

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Long live Kia! Hyundai, we hardly knew you.

Wut? Hyundai OWNS Kia…like literally.

Not quite. They’re technically just closely tied partners. Hyundai doesn’t even own a majority of Kia’s stock like Renault does with Nissan.

As of December 2013, the company is 33.88% owned by the Hyundai Motor Company.
That would be like Ford and Mazda, it buys LOTS of influence.

Actually, your statement of Hyundai launching a new brand is wrong.

What they (Hyundai and Kia) intend to do is to launch two new dedicated hybrid cars.

Hyundai is working on the AE, while Kia has been developing the DE hybrid vehicle (AE and DE are both codenames!).

Hyundai’s hybrid will look similar to the Prius, while Kia’s model will be a crossover vehicle.

First, they plan to launch a hybrid, then comes the the plug-in hybrid and last is the all electric car.

Here are some more INSIDE news about Kia DE hybrid:

Weird story. So kia and hyundai are making hybrids, fcevs and BEVs.

Kia soul EV with double range will do. They don’t need to develop anything, just dump a larger battery under the soul EV and sell in larger quantities. Heck it even can quick charge on 100kw already…

Kia Soul EV is only sold in 3? States. It would be a really good start if they actually sold it nationwide. Agreed on the double range.

Soul EV is awesome car. We love it
– Canuck in British Columbia

Something doesn’t sound right. The referenced articles indicate that the AE and DE are vehicle models, not the name of the new brand division.

The original article also read a bit oddly, like it might have been translated to another language from the original? I’m not sure I would put a lot of weight on parsing the meaning of individual words if that is the case.

Right…. I had heard they plan on turning the Genesis into its own brand, selling the Genesis, Equis, and also introducing plug in and non-plug-in hybrids.

But I don’t take their announcements too seriously. Years ago they were going to come out with a ‘volt-killer’ phev, and also a sporty pure EV but then decided to just come out with a KIA SOUL EV, which is fine, but you can’t get it here as was mentioned. So a ‘semi-compliance’ vehicle is pointless for 47 of the states.

Making the equivalent of a Prius in 2017 is like debarking in Normandy on 6 June 1964 instead of 6 June 1944.
They would do better to concentrate on the Kia Soul they already have. They can put more and better batteries and add a compact rex like BMW is doing with the i3, for longer trips.

We have the 2015 SOUL EV and it is great as it is. No REX for me ever. More range as an option will be here with the new higher density batteries in 2017.

The Soul doesn’t have superchargers, so it would need an even larger battery than the Model S to have petrol car like range. That would be a 150 KWh battery which is unlikely to be present in 2017. Sorry but for the time being a Rex is the only realistic way to replace an ice car and still be able to make a long trip.

I’m with Jim. No REX needed, anyway here in France. My range is 200 km (from 100% to 0%), that means going from 94% (it doesn’t go higher while fast charging) to around 14% means 160 km of true range after fast charging. It works. And I’m not doing city driving or home-office trips; I’m a travel reporter, so my KIA travels.

An 160 km autonomy ice car doesn’t even exist, so there is no more proof needed that 99% of people aren’t interested in short range or no rex ev cars.

The Soul can charge at 100kW, the Supercharger are 120-135kWh. This is no big difference in my opinion.

For 99.9% of people, they wouldn’t need petrol car like range. How often do people drive for 500 miles (8 hours) without stopping for bio break and meals?

SoulEV has Chademo, and 50kW stations are numerous. 30 minutes of bio break + Chademo charging after 1.25 hours of driving (~90 miles) works fine for most people, even for long trips.

What is wrong with a shoebox sized micro rex that allows you to go further in the case your battery is empty? If that is what it takes to get 99% of the people finally deciding to get on the ev move instead of the present 1%, it is an ev promoting asset instead of some kind of nuisance that must be banned at all cost (99% of the remaining market) according to some ev so called proponents. Pragmatism is what works.

Large battery and rex add additional weight that rarely, if ever get used. Why carry stuff that’s not likly to be used 99.99% of the time and adversely affect performance and efficiency?

Better rex option would be aerodynamic trailer with generator or batterty that you can swap. U-haul could make such things possible. Then there is no extra weight that you always carry, just when you need to carry.

Why carry a backseat, why carry an airco in the winter, why carry a spare tire, simply because they are badly needed in the 1% of times you do need them. A shoebox sized generator would be very compact and lightweight, nothing to do with the makeshift BMW motorbike engine but much more with a free piston direct generator like the one of DLR, Pempek or Toyota. It is so compact and light that it becomes negligible in space and weight in the car.

Well, here’s hoping that they keep the “Hyundai” badge on their fool cell cars. Wouldn’t want any FCEVs to tarnish the reputation of their BEVS or PHEVs.

“Hyundai” means “Modern” in Korean. Better would be to create another brand for FCV. I recommend “Babo motors” (pronounced Bob-o). “Babo” means “stupid” in Korean.