Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid Cures Range Anxiety – Video


Sonata PHEV

Sonata PHEV

If you have range anxiety, then Hyundai says it’s found the cure.

Video description:

“Range anxiety is caused by limited electric range, but we have a cure:”

“The Sonata Plug-in Hybrid. With up to a 27-mile all-electric range, and up to a 600-mile combined range, it has all the benefits of an electric car, without the limits.”

Done up in typical prescription drug format, this somewhat satirical Hyundai Sonata PHEV commercial is both humorous and informative

Job well done, Hyundai!

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Kinda like a Volt, just not as good….

Mostly, although it is WAY roomier. If you’re really tall or want to put kids in the back you’ll appreciate the difference.

That was mildly funny. Chainsaw and a Coopers Hawk. (?)
Now if they had just kept filming til the hawk came back with its prey…
The range is lame but lifetime hybrid battery warranty is nice and I would bet you can fit someone over the age of 12 in the backseat without the front seats being moved all the way up. I would kind of like that kind of space in my Volt.

‘Electric when you want it’
What if I want it to be electric all the time? Nope, not the right car for me.