Hyundai Saga Electric CUV Revealed: Sports Kona Electric Hardware

NOV 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 35

This time, the Saga is electric.

Hyundai presents at the Sao Paulo Motor Show a new concept model – the Saga EV – which turns out to be equipped with Kona Electric goodies (64 kWh battery and 150 kW electric motor).

The all-new style of the Saga EV was designed by Hyundai Design North America in Irvine, California. It previews the Hyundai HB20X crossover (i20 Active).

According to news from Brazil, a production electric CUV based on the i20 could be ready for the local market as early as 2019.

Hyundai Saga EV spec:

  • 64 kWh battery for 470 km (292 miles) of range
  • 150 kW electric motor
  • 0-80% recharge in 54 minutes
Hyundai Saga EV
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Hyundai Saga EV Hyundai Saga EV Hyundai Saga EV Hyundai Saga EV Hyundai Saga EV

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35 Comments on "Hyundai Saga Electric CUV Revealed: Sports Kona Electric Hardware"

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Looks like they took a Bolt EV and added cladding.

and nice paint

Yet somehow, is vastly more efficient.

How do you know?

Well if it’s like the Kona then it’s over a second slower 0-60 when the Kona is in sports mode. And a couple of seconds slower when in normal mode. The Bolt isn’t less efficient its just tunes differently. In sure you can baby the Bolt and get similar mileage as the Kona.

I’m pretty sure EPA cycles don’t give a damn about how fast the car can accelerate…

Bolt EV is comparable efficiency to Kona, or close
Maybe a bit less aerodynamic so hurts highway rating. Bolt EV is 128 city, Kona EV is like 132, so 3%. Tires could make a 15% difference.

Exactly what I came here to say. This design *looks like* it was directly copied from the Bolt EV. Now hopefully they’ll improve on the poor screens in the Hyundai and Kia EVs. Got to at least match the 10in, relatively higher resolution screen in the Bolt EV. A well designed infotainment system matters to me and, so far, GM did a much better job to my eyes.

The Korean automakers will be the main rivals of Tesla once ICE starts to fade. Their stuff is good!

Yes. I’ve been harping on this for some time.

In Hyundai and Kia we have companies (or one company) that perceive an incentive to pushing hard on EVs. It’s a chance to deliver themselves a net positive gain by stealing more from the competition than from their own ICE products.

Unless one of the Legacies makes a shocking announcement and course change (I’m looking at you, Honda, Toyota, and Ford), the new Big Three power structure in the car world is shaping up to be: Tesla, H/K, and VW, with Nissan and GM as second-tier players.

Disruption, indeed.

Hyundai/Kia certainly seems to be more serious about their current compliance cars than their competitors — but they have yet to announce any plans to create a dedicated BEV platform, or sell BEVs in meaningful numbers. I’m pretty sure when several legacy makers start getting serious BEV offerings to market in big numbers some 2 – 3 years from now, Hyundai/Kia won’t be anywhere near the top…

If Hyundai puts the same effort into a BEV specific platform as they did into their drivetrain agnostic offerings, imagine the results!

I am not sure if VW is that much ahead of Nissan and GM in EV’s.

I think they might be about a year ahead, with the first MEB-based vehicles hitting the market in early 2020, while it seems like Nissan and GM won’t have their next-gen platforms ready before 2021 or so. Not sure whether that makes much of a difference…

Something that’s lot slower than comparably priced gasser is NOT good. Hyundai’s main rival is Nissan now that Mitsubishi iMiev is no longer made.

iMiev was never in the race. Hyundai beats Nissan in efficiency, range, ride, features and recharge times.

Let’s see when 2019 Leaf is out since Kona isn’t available until 2019. I suspect Leaf will be similar to Hyundai while being cheaper, both slower than Bolt.

The Kona is out in other markets. The Leaf isn’t out anywhere.

Cladding check
Future tail lights check
Lexus grill check
Sticky out tires check


Aerodynamic Inefficient SUV body style check…
Extra 500 pounds of weight mined from 10 of thousands of pounds if not hundreds of thousands of pounds from a poor little mountain in a SUV to mainly move one person check…
Large rims and tires increasing rotating mass to drag down effiency check…

Ok great all ready for sale in America…
Check please…

I really hope Hyundai plans for higher volumes with this model.

I20 and I20 Active are very popular models for Hyundai in India. Kona is rumored to make its Indian entry in 2019. Hope they bring this Saga EV as well.

Looks why better then the Kona

Hyundai/Kia is going to make it difficult for me to hold off purchasing an EV before the Model Y is available….but that’s a good thing!

A great looking little EV. But instead of putting out all these concept vehicles why can’t Hyundai start production of their pick up truck they have been promising for many years? I’ve been waiting for this truck for years. So, Hyundai, get off your butts, and build the Santa Cruz.!!!!!

$5 says if it makes it to production, it will be a compliance vehicle.

You only need one compliance vehicle not multiple ones…
Any manufacture making multiple plug in offerings has gone above the compliance levels…

Well, I’ll tell you this, if it’s not going to be sold in Pennsylvania, it’s a compliance car to me.

Who did you bet $10 that it wouldn’t be?

The front reminds me of the shark dude from Lilo and Stitch.

That being said, I like it. Looks better than the Bolt.

Looks like a running shoe with wheels.

Heelies? Lmao

A van version would b great,seems in nz business are first to afford ev .thumbs up to Hyundai

Instead of putting the “Kona electrics” into the Saga, Hyundai would be better served by putting them into more Kona’s and reducing the UK 42 week delivery waiting list!!

I guess some people might switch their order? In the end, it’s more relevant how many they make in total, not how many different models…

I get some i20 WRC vibes from this. I like it. Let’s hope it gets a smarter front splitter than that.