Hyundai Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up 138% In August 2018

SEP 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 8

Hyundai Kona Electric sales decreased to below 1,000 though.

Hyundai is producing and selling more plug-in electric cars than a year ago – in August, manufacturer’s sales amounted to 3,243, which is almost 138% more than in August 2017.

However, the result is almost 1,000 lower than the peaks in June and July, so the plug-in share out of overall volume decreased to 2.3%.

Hyundai plug-in electric car sales – August 2018

Sales by model:

  • IONIQ Electric – 1,657
  • IONIQ Plug-In – 623
  • Kona Electric – 956
  • Sonata Plug-In – 7

We should be especially disappointed by the Kona Electric number – 956, compared to 2,196 in June and 1,775 in July. The main question is why the production/sales decrease when there are so many orders and the car was well received in the reviews?

So far this year, Hyundai sold 24,908 plug-in electric cars worldwide.

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Well all of the PHEV models lacks an electric cabin heater. That basically makes the cars California climate vehicles. Secondly, you have the Honda Clarity with more range, an electric cabin heater, and a liquid cooled battery.

Also the Chevy Volt has an electric heater as well.

Kia/Hyundai mostly sell their PHEVs in Europe and South Korea, where is the Honda Clarity?

Where can you get a Kona and is there stock? Not available here in Colorado Springs.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s exactly the problem,,,,,,,lol

Looks like it’s just a seasonality thing to me. Look at the data, it’s not seasonally adjusted so the sales always drop off in August probably for all kinds of reasons. Judging by your chart though I’d expect September sales to be pushing 4k maybe even 5k units. If the underperformance lasts for a few months then I’d start to get worried and you might have something to write about but a one-month drop does not a trend make!

I think the slump in Kona sales might be attributed to the start of international shipping, which takes longer and thus deliveries get delayed?…

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