Hyundai Kona Electric Deliveries Now Underway In Canada: Video

JAN 17 2019 BY MARK KANE 35

Sales of Hyundai Kona Electric in Canada have begun

Deliveries of Hyundai Kona Electric in Canada kicked off the other day. The first unit was sold by Hyundai Valleyfield in Quebec on January 15, 2019.

The Kona Electric went to a couple, who turn out to be loyal customers for the brand for the past 25 years.

According to Hyundai, the first batch of 1,500 Kona Electric assigned for the country already sold out and they are waiting for another 2,500.

The only available top of the line version costs around $54,400 CAD ($40, 864), but in Quebec customers can get $8,000 CAD ($6,009) incentive (see official details here).

Posted by Hyundai Valleyfield on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que Hyundai Valleyfield a été sélectionné pour effectuer la livraison du premier Kona…

Posted by Hyundai Valleyfield on Thursday, January 10, 2019

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Man. Hope we get a lot of Konas

$54k Cad? Ouch. That’s Model 3 or used Model S territory.

By all reviews, the Kona is a great car. Rear Independent suspension, power, and comfort. 54k CAD is $44,555 USD

I don’t doubt that it’s a great car (I really liked the Fully Charged episode about it). But that’s a lot of money, especially compared to the similar gas cars.

Top trim

54k cad = $40,734 usd

I agree (sort of because you will never get your hands in Canada on used Model S under 70K or so, unless it’s a beat up high miler; no used model 3 cars obviously), Kona is expensive little car when one pays MSRP with no incentive. I just could not swing it even if I’d put the gas at 1.80CAD/L in the future (looks like a pipe’s dream right now) ….. there’s just no way. Will have to drive the gasser to the ground and will see in next 2-3 years what’s up with the market.

That’s basically what I’m doing as well – trying to keep my current car running for a few more years until depreciation takes a bigger bite out of things.

Same here

$54k Cad is because it is the “ultimate” trim that are being delivered first. Apparently the “preferred” trim (with same 64kwh battery and range, just less options) is $46k Cad

The pricing of the Niro and Kona is what spurred me to jump on last of the RWD long range Model 3s. I felt the extra $ was worth the value (to me with a long commute), given the much better charging network… and I just prefer everything about the car (other than it being a sedan, but I’ve learned to look past that!)

No it’s not. The $35,000 Model 3 is a myth.

“The only available top of the line version costs around $54,400 CAD”

Isn’t this more than Tesla3 currently available?

Looking at the Tesla website just now, the cheapest Model 3 is available for $44k USD. You are correct sir! Colors other than black are available for $1500 additional. Enhanced Autopilot cost $5000 more.

True, but Kona is available in less expensive trim (yes in very limited numbers), while model 3 is not.

“only available top of the line version” seem to imply no lower trim.

$60100 CAD in canada

except Quebec and BC……

Yep a tiny bit more …. Hyundai will have financing/leasing (unknown at this point), Tesla does not. Kona is hatchback, model 3 is not …. there’s enough reasons why one would choose one vehicle over the other. But the problem remains the same, both vehicles are expensive for an average Joe in Canada, especially in markets with no rebates whatsoever (like Ontario, Canada).

mxs; Tesla will finance their Model 3 in Canada (just go to their site) and ‘yes’ the least expensive is $60CAD before BC or QC rebates.

But it’s basically a bank loan rate and they don’t offer lease …. Not really on par what the legacy outfits do. Don’t get me wrong, I get why that is, but it is affecting my purchase one way or another.

telsa canada website shows cheapest option is $60100 CAD.

Nobody wants RWD in Canada either.


Is it the Kona that gets the gimped version for the U.S. Good to see Canada getting some love for a change. A better version of the car.
It’s being reported Hyundai Kona Electrics destined for the US market would not have active battery heating.
So get the Canadian version if you want one.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Incentives + ZEV system in Quebec => priority.

I just saw one in SoCal a few hours ago on my way to work. It looked registered and not a test car.

Are you sure it’s EV? I’ve seen few gas versions, but not EV.

The front grill gives it away easily. It definitely was the ev….with temp plates.

“The only available top of the line version costs around $54,400 CAD ($40, 864)”
So for SoCal after credits that would be 29864….compared to TM3 at 36750….that’s too close. For only $6k difference i would still go to Tesla. I wonder if the US pricing will be lower.

Just looked it up. The top of the line gas model is quite exactly half the price of the electric…. too much of a premium to make sense, unfortunately.

From the manufacturer website: Kona Ultimate $26,250
So in SoCal, if they keep the price of $40, 864 you end up paying $29864…only $3k extra which you should easily recover in gas savings. Some parts of Canada has credits too.

Any news on when this will be released in the US? The last word was January, and, well, it’s January…

How can we order one in Northern CA? The Electric Kona? Anyone knows? How long is the wait?

Excellent news they will love their Konas. Thousands more gas burners off the road.