Hyundai Kona Electric Defrost Test: Video

JAN 1 2019 BY MARK KANE 17

How long does it take to defrost a Hyundai Kona Electric?

The EV Puzzle checked defrosting performance of the Hyundai Kona Electric in the UK, which is interesting on one side, but on the other hand… it is the UK at just -2°C.

Anyways, it seems that three minutes are all that’s needed to be able to drive. First signs are seen after one minute and it’s almost complete after two minutes, since the car was turned on and heating set for 26°C.

Video description:

Following a few requests this is a simple (yet has taken 3 days) test video to see how long it takes to defrost the Kona.

Yes yes, I know, you call that a frost?!

Well it’s the hardest frost in days and the forecast was for warmer weather so -2 is the best I can do short of driving north and doing a Bjorn, sleeping in the car.

No thanks!

In summary, after just 1 minute the side windows were clearing, in 2 minutes it was almost there. 3 minutes and it was very clear bar the passenger side which had some condensation on the inside.

No doubt some smartiepants will say how they’d have used different settings to do it but hey, this is my test , my way, so if you leave comments like that I guess you’re getting some enjoyment and I’m glad to help.

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Why no ice scraping? Saves time and energy consumption.


Agreed. I’ve lived in places that get “real winter” my entire life, and I would never clear a windshield without scraping, if only to save time. Fire up the defroster and get your butt out there with a scraper, even if it’s below 0F.

or if the smartphone app, if the vehicle has one, lets you precondition it while you’re still getting your coat and boots on, that’s the most time efficient method.

At first sign of defrosting on the widescreen, I would have just used some windshield wiper fluid, and be on my way. If it was -5 or colder that would not have worked though.. At least when you would have had to use more fluid.

Pre heat would of course be my first choise.

Yeah, the wipers are risky though, you need to make sure they move freely, which is easy enough, before engaging the motor, otherwise the little gearboxes can chew themselves to bits if the wipers are cemented down, or tear the rubber out of the blades. Take it from someone who grew up in the frozen wasteland of northern New England, remote start is a godsend, but make sure you didn’t leave the wipers on…

Very fast compared to defrosting with ICE. This is one of the things I love about EVs.

What is wrong with deicing spray. Cheap and only takes about 30 seconds for the whole car. I use it all the time, you might try it sometime.

Because scraping works well enough without having to spray some funky chemicals which end up in the environment.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

With or without a heat pump? No heat pump for the USA.

Yes, that was rather inconsiderate. I suppose they considered that most would be sold in CA so no heat-pump for you.

No heat pump? California is an awesome place for a heat pump! And I assume any heat pump has an auxiliary resistive heater anyways… I have a Bolt now, no heat pump either, it’s in the 40F range in the mornings, and warming up the cabin gobbles up power compared to what I assume a heat pump would do. Isn’t it just one stupid valve and maybe a different sized condenser?

Who comes out to their EV and sits inside to defrost it? Precondition via the on-board programmer or the app, whichever is easier!

If you know it’s going to be really cold out the next morning, just apply a bed sheet across the front windshield and through the front doors. Takes 30 seconds to take off and start driving.

Brilliant, but what do you do with the bedsheet after removing it? Inspiring though, and a good idea I think. In heavy snow a full car tarp sounds pretty neat, but your driveway would fill up pretty quickly with snow piles. I wonder if I’ll ever live somewhere cold again?

What, no App to do this remotely?!!

Would love to see this at -15 temperatures in Canadian cities.

On my dodge ram, use remote start, get my stuff together put my boots on gloves etc. Walk up to the truck and use the scraper,(the mirrors are usualy thawed by now and the windshield is just starting to warm, couple hits with the broom, couplce hits with scrapper and its usualy done before the engine even warms up… Then i let the engine heat up because running a cold engine is never a good thing and im smart enought to think 15 minutes ahead before i leave