Hyundai Ioniq Spy Shots

DEC 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Photographers at SpiedBilde have quickly become more and more successful at hunting down plug-in electric cars these days.

After capturing the Chevrolet Bolt EV, now they’ve spotted the Hyundai IONIQ (see gallery at CarAndDriver) – both models are to be unveiled in January.

The Korean manufacturer staged car under cover for some video shoot and now that we’ve seen it, we are eager to know your opinion the look of IONIQ.

Hyundai IONIQ interior teaser

Hyundai IONIQ interior teaser

source: CarAndDriver

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Why Why Why does this EV have a bigger front grill than my fullsize Dodge Caravan? What is the logic. Is it marketing or fear of the unknown. Maybe it should be called Ironiq.

The Ioniq will be offered in three versions, traditional hybrid, PHEV, and full EV.

As you can see by the badging on the rear of the car this particular example is the hybrid model, hence the grille.

The earlier spy shots of the EV version shows a smooth front with a tiny lower fascia opening, presumably for HVAC cooling.

Give me an electric car that uses the cooling system of an gas burner. A technology that has worked reliably for over a hundred years, with lots of suppliers.

A big radiator, fan, and antifreeze should more than sufficient to keep large battery packs/and the conversion electronics cool.

“A technology that has worked reliably for over a hundred years”

Not counting the leaks…. 🙂

The Ioniq name will include a hybrid, PHEV and an EV version. It could be that this is the regular hybrid that will be a direct competitor to the Prius.

Well…a for effort?
Isn’t that how it works?

All the proportions just look…off…
And that rear windows is tiny. It looks like an afterthought.

“Hey Steve, it looks like you missed something?” “No!” “Wait a minute, where is the back window?” I bet it was the same guy who did the Honda Civic hatchback.

“All the proportions just look…off…”

That is probably due to the extreme telelense.