Hyundai IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid To Be Sold Nationwide Like Sonata PHEV


Currently, Hyundai sells its plug-in hybrid Sonata nationwide, though it doesn’t necessarily seem that way due to the fact that, in most states, dealers aren’t required to actually stock the Sonata PHEV (although they do have the option to do so). Rather, it’s available via special order item available through your local dealer.

Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in

Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in

Only dealerships in 10 states (California and those other states that share California emissions standard) routinely stock the Sonata PHEV.

In the other 40 states (for the most part), you simply have walk into a Hyundai dealerships and place your Sonata PHEV order. Then, you wait a few weeks to take delivery. It’s not an ideal setup, but at least it is available nationwide, something that can’t be said for a dozen other plug-ins on the US market today.

According to Hyundai, the same process will be in place for the plug-in hybrid version of IONIQ (32 miles of EPA-estimated electric range).

While the hybrid version of IONIQ will be readily available at dealerships across the nation, the BEV in limited CARB states, the PHEV version will again be stocked at dealerships in only 10 states and available for special order in the remaining 40 states.

We don’t love this arrangement, but as mentioned above, at least Hyundai is making the plug-in hybrid IONIQ available nationwide, which can’t be said of a lot of the other plug-ins on the market today.

Before the IONIQ PHEV hits the U.S. market, both the BEV (coming in Q1 2017 and deemed the U.S.’ most fuel-efficient vehicle ever sold) and conventional hybrid versions will launch. We expect to see the PHEV IONIQ go on sale in the U.S. in mid 2017, likely as a 2018 model year offering.

Hyundai IONIQ Lineup Release schedule for US (as at Jan/12/2017) ... sad faces for the plug-in hybrid model

Hyundai IONIQ Lineup Release schedule for US (as at Jan/12/2017) … sad faces for the plug-in hybrid model

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Are you sure the Ioniq BEV will be available in Q1 2017? I just called Hyundai USA yesterday and they said don’t expect the BEV until August 2017. Thanks!

WHAT ??? Are you serious ???
Please, not another Mitsubishi Outlander story…

Here in Sweden there are some Ioniq EV for test drives but if you would like to order one the dealers says “3-6 month” or that they don’t know. If they priorities Europe over US and can’t deliver new orders until the spring or summer it will probably take some time before they comes to US.


It definitely could be pushed back further the BEV version was originally Q3, and the PHEV Q4…now its “winter” for the BEV and Q3 2017 for the PHEV.

Here is Hyundai’s most recent updated graphic from today (will add to story as well):

I saw Ioniq BEV at auto show, and it’s just not that great. Rear head room is way too low and advertised performance significantly lags Bolt. Unless they can get the price down to Prius level (or FFE level), it just won’t do. While potential for 136 MPGe is pretty interesting, I doubt they’re willing to sell it for so low.

As such, I wouldn’t be surprised if they scrap Ioniq BEV for 2017 and bring it with more range in later years. Without Bolt, it could’ve been interesting, but Bolt is really upsetting things for other carmakers.

If priced like the sister Kia Soul EV, it will be in the $32k-36k range. Good competition with the Leaf, but not Bolt EV.

Hope they price the lease like the Soul EV. $199/month @10,000 miles, $999 due at signing.

Ioniq will come to the US with the increased rear headroom.

Even with a 124 mile range it could be an interesting buy IF priced right (something starting with a 2 before tax credit). But that is probably wishful thinking on my side…

Regarding arrival in US I also called Hyundai USA and the lady I spoke with had nothing further to share beyond info on website. I then called a local dealer and they also don’t have any info to share but seem to think the EV has been pushed back. Just for kicks I emailed Dan Evans, Hyundai CMO, who announced the Ioniq Unlimited program at the LA Auto show…if anyone knows, he would. If I get a response, I’ll share it here.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

No hype and not very sexy but so far all what I read about those Ioniq (both the PHEV and the BEV) indicates that those are hugely efficient cars. I would not be surprised in coming years to see the Americans (Tesla & GM) and the Germans (VW, BMW & MB) to busy watching each other to notice both the Koreans and the Chinese come from behind and scr.. us all with their cheap and efficient BEV’s (and that might be painful).

I hope we will at least get kissed first and maybe a dinner!

I just see many waiting for next year and double the mileage on the EV version.

Seriously right. Nissan is annoying as hell with their tight lips but Hyundai could have at least waited until the Ioniq BEV was on sale before announcing it was somewhat obsolete!

It seems odd to me. I would think the PHEV would likely sell better than the BEV, especially in states that don’t have much charging infrastructure. So it is weird that they are going to stock the BEV everywhere and not the PHEV.

The PHEV version might be more expensive than the BEV or HEV.

I will take the Ionic BEV or the 35kWk e-Golf if the lease price is right and available in Marchn which would be perfect for my commute. i3 and Bolt are double the costs in the Bay Area and COP Model S 85 (also not enough head room in the rear for me) is still north of $55K.

I should be getting the Ioniq BEV next week (Finland). While it’s no Bolt range wise, it’s much more of a car and you can actually buy it this year outside of CA. Some choose to wait, some to drive the most efficient car out there 😉

A misleading article. I actually talked to a Hyundai dealer, and they will special order certain vehicles but only if a $1000 nonrefundable deposit is paid. A lot of money to put at risk for a car one may not like after test driving it.

That is your dealer.

Deposit requirements are at whim/undertaking of individual dealers, Hyundai corporate does not have any such requirement, as the transaction is complete for them once a dealer places an order for a customer or stock.

This dealership is basically saying they don’t want to ‘burdened’ with the inventory shold you walk away and/or they have assessed/qualified you, and have deemed further security to be warranted.

At least you can order one. I tried to order a Sonata PHEV at 3 Denver and 1 Boulder dealers and they all said they could/would not order one for me. And if I got one from somewhere else, they would not service it for me. So much for Hyundai’s promise that you can order from any dealer….

Per your statement, “the PHEV version will again be stocked at dealerships in only 10 states and available for special order in the remaining 40 states.”. Do you have a source for this. I was almost there or getting one all the way to me in Indiana then some kind of goobeldy garb from someone not high up say they were not allowed to ship to Indiana. I don’t want to disagree unless I have the facts thus was wondering your source on the statement.