Hyundai IONIQ Makes World Debut In South Korea – Images + Videos

JAN 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Hyundai IONIQ (right)

Hyundai IONIQ (right)

Hyundai IONIQ

Hyundai IONIQ

The Hyundai IONIQ debut is behind us, but the Korean manufacturer unveiled only the conventional hybrid version (see details) to date, so at the same time the debut of the all-electric and plug-in hybrid versions is still ahead of us.

Because the premier was held in South Korea, there has not been much wider coverage or photos available.

What we see, especially in the videos (below), is that IONIQ is a pretty normal looking car, without the extravagance of say, the new Toyota Prius.

In South Korea, the 1.6-liter gasoline engine and 32 kW motor lowers the fuel consumption to less than 5 liters over 100 km at 52.7 mpg.  No wider statistic for international release have yet been issued.

All-electric and plug-in hybrid versions to be presented later this year.

Hyundai IONIQ (official videos from South Korea):

Hyundai IONIQ unveiling:

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52.7 mpg (US) is about 4.5 l/100km. Whether this is good or bad depends which test cycle is used.

Are there any clear plans on when the BEV will be revealed or in case there’s nothing to see the specs of the BEV? It’s hard to be enthusiastic about the shape of a vehicle without specifications…

It says 11 night 12 day rental event for new year. What is that, something like tour to promote the cars? I wonder if they’ll do that with BEV as well.

I’m not a fan of that horizontal seam along the front of the hood. What’s going on there?

It’s probably were the hood stop and the bumper cover starts.


“eye-own-eek” I like how the girl says that. Sounds like a Bond character.

Too bad the back seat won’t comfortably fit someone over 6 feet tall, but I’m still going to check it out when it arrives at a car show or dealer near me.