Hyundai IONIQ Inside & Out – Video


Our friends over at eGear have once again alerted us to a high-quality video featuring a plug-in car.

The offering is perhaps the most important plug-ins revealed in Geneva, the Hyundai IONIQ is unique in that it will be offered in three versions (conventional hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric).

The specs for the BEV version are a bit of a let down, but the overall car still seems rather remarkable to us.

Video description:

“At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show I made a walkaround video of the Hyundai IONIQ electric/hybrid/plug-in hybrid car.”


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36 thousand Euro? Seriously? Even if its fully loaded, that much buys you a fully loaded Leaf with 30 kWhs of battery capacity, in Germany. Before Nissan gives you their generous 5000€ Ev bonus.

Not only that, I just noticed that its even 1000€ more expensive than the i3, that says it all, doesn’t it?

That all silver “grille” on the BEV version…FUGLY. Black one looks much better.

It appeared to me to be “matte” body color? much like Model X? Seemed to be shading in that area while he walked around the front of the car.

Overall it looks to be nicely done and DOES NOT look like a “Clown Car”, appears to have more space than a Volt. The more the merrier I say !!

No, Fugly would be an improvement.

Did you see the flash text at the charging port? It said CCS at 100 kW. Very interesting.

Kia Soul EV can do 70kW up to 70% SOC or so. So this one should be able to do at least the same too, as battery is similar and company almost the same.

The US charging networks should really start catching up with more powerful chargers. Though I don’t hold my breath, at that price and range I doubt Ioniq Electric will get much more sales than Soul EV.

Soul and Ioniq have different battery supplier (Ioniq = LG) so you cannot compare them with each other!

They have a lifetime battery warranty on the hybrid and plugin hybrid, 10 year on the electric.

I’m waiting for an automaker to bring back bench seats since you don’t need a transmission hump anymore.

Breaking New!!!!!!!

Ioniq rolling backward in steep incline.

Starts at 4:00 mark.